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Your Progressive Voice Matters Here!

Share your status with us. Share info about civic leaders making our lives better, create or attend events, share items for sale or items to avoid (companies working against us), and more! Join or create a group.

Network with others, while working towards a better nation, without hindrance or regressive distractions.

Jobs! They're Hiring!

Check them out! Also, view jobs information in our community. We will add new listings as they're forwarded us, or "discovered" while at networking events or travel. One never knows where the great talent exists, or the great companies to work for exists, which is why we encourage sharing of information.

Who We Are

We are Silicon Valley alumni, persons who helped create internet technology (modems, online services, browsers, PDAs, and more). We are concerned that our technology is being used against us, while mostly inferior intellect and misinformation are promoted and furthered as standards for our nation, and world.

Millions are connected online, while millions are "disconnected". All that has fought against our nation - confederates, white supremacists, nazis, neo-nazis, and similar, have been given a seat at our table, a table that we all built, and consummately under attack by hatriots.

Your personal and private info should also not be disclosed for SOCIAL MEDIA. Do you walk into a bar, or any social setting, and are forced to provide date of birth, home and work addresses, photo ID's, family members' info, and more, all for data-warehousing and/or sales to others (Cambridge Analytica)? Are you able to immediately contact social media services asking you to provide so much personal information, while using you as "cattle", "their property"? No.

Your Voice Matters

Your progressive vision for our nation, a long overdue vision, is not out of reach. The voting majority has the resources, brilliant minds and more, to accomplish much more than what is being done now. Use your voice wisely and collectively. You may also be funding the problem, while your voice may be overshadowed by "distractive noise", which obstructs progress. Together, we can move our nation forward, around, above and beyond, country-stalling hurdles.

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