We are over 65-Million STRONG!!

Together we can make a difference, but only as a united front. Blue States are some of the most progressive and technologically advanced areas with some of the most diverse persons, ideas and educators.

The Electoral College may have made a grave mistake by choosing “45”, but it’d be a bigger mistake to not use our own resources and talents TOGETHER for progress.

Meanwhile, Red States have one agenda: divide, separate, and discriminate while stifling environment, infrastructure and education, and while the wealthiest in our nation benefit from their most uninformed voters.

TO DO!!!
Activism You Should Be A Part Of!

• Keep contacting the LOCAL GOP representative for your area! Silence allows their destructive policies to become reality! RESISTING reminds them we’re still here and paying attention to their corruption and complacency with predator-Donald John Trump!

Join A Local NOW Chapter!! Whether you’re male or female, JOIN!! NOW has been coordinating lots of legislative events against predator-Donald John Trump! #RESIST! Visit www.now.org for more info!

Donate to the American Civil Liberties Union! ACLU is working more now than ever to UNDO and PREVENT many of this destructive admin’s policies. Did I mention Hitler, children in cages and removing white nationalist domestic terrorists from our terror watch list??


1. Register to vote!
2. Vote, and vote in midterms as well, for forward-thinking, all-inclusive and environmentally responsible candidates.
3. Know where your money is going before you spend it.
4. Participate in your local community council meetings as well as local police community affairs meetings.
5. Join a credit union so that your money stays LOCALLY within your community, and banking jobs are kept local instead of outsourced to call centers in other countries.