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Twitter, Facebook, and various other social media services use the same open-sourced technology, however, they're using technology, created by responsible and ethical engineers, against us. ourwhirl.com® is non-intrusive, while using our service to share information about services and individuals working for all of us, to move forward, instead of promoting and preferring misinformation, white supremacists and regressive policies - everything that our nation has fought against.

“Orange” you tired of all that has fought against our nation — confederates/kkk, nazis/neo-nazis, white nationalists, and their internalized racist lemmings — shouting at you on “so-called” social media, all while you are being tracked, censored, and spied on, with your personal information sold, or shared without your consent or knowledge, all while getting nothing worthwhile accomplished?

If so, then WHIRL In with us! Communicate freely and safely without requiring unnecessary personal and private information. Share your vision for our future. Network with others to help grow our community and build a better nation, that benefits all.

  • Share your interests!
  • Civic leaders, innovation, legislators working for us, health and wellness, animals, family events, sports, products and services, and more!
  • Create your WHIRL with us!

Our WHIRL Is Free To Use

All that you need to join us: your email to sign up, and your desired username that you create.

Join Us!

Once you register, you may post a new status, chat with others, join or create a group, share your vision for our future, and more. We do not reach out to you for information, what you choose to share here is the only communication.

FREE Verified Account Status Available

Available for qualifying accounts, without data-warehousing your personal and private contact information.

Our verification statuses are based upon quality contributions to our society, civic leaders who are the voice for love, peace, child safety, gun sense laws to actually keep the BORN safe, equality, equal pay, healthcare, infrastructure improvements (into this century), climate change awareness, education, and progress. And most important, civic leaders, entertainers, educators and activists who are a voice for the most vulnerable BORN.

The most vulnerable are NOT toxic insurrectionists (and their abetters) nor pro-apartheid or white nationalists, who cannot

  1. interpret the US Constitution, especially Article 1:Section 8 and equal 6th and 14th protections under the law,
  2. inalienable rights (HOW BORN, lifestyle, physical appearance) which cannot be legislated against to force persons into non-existence or obedience to hatriots, and
  3. lawful Native American treaties and judgements MUST be upheld, otherwise, STFU about "tyranny," "globalism," and fake "culture wars."

While Our WHIRL is a private community, we also take threats of violence and bullying more serious than Twitter or Facebook. Regressive, white nationalists, white supremacists, and known domestic terrorists and predators, especially against the most vulnerable persons are not welcome here. We also allow reporting of extremist accounts, which are banned immediately. Ain't nobody got time for them!

Life is too short, and we need to focus on those with joy and love in their hearts, and concern for all, especially our children, regardless of race, financial status or zip code, versus wasting time arguing back and forth with all that has literally fought against our nation.

Our goal is to provide a social media service that benefits from our forward-thinking voices, as well as list companies and services, civic leaders, humanitarians, forward-thinking initiatives, and more, to highlight their amazing work and contributions, all of which help move our country forward, as well as make a better world for all.

Join us and help us achieve these goals faster, together!!!

  • Connect with others to share and advance ideas and agendas, without white nationalists, and all that has fought against our nation, shouting at us.
  • Coding classes for inner-city youth.
  • Connect forward-thinking educators, scientists, innovators with community workshops and programs to better disenfranchised and climate-impaired communities, as well as our nation.
  • Farm-to-table goods via truckers to poorer, disenfranchised areas.
  • Buy and use goods and services directly from companies and services working for us, not against us.

Today's regressive, Strom Thurmond-GOP will be working continuously to obstruct progress, while establishing hate-policies nationwide. Meanwhile, we're the voting majority, with endless resources of our own. Soooo… rather than sit and wait, or just sit and react to Trump's daily lies and today's Strom Thurmond-GOP ignorance, it's time to connect what we have, with WHO we have on OUR side, move things forward around hatriotism.

It's all up to you! Your WHIRL is OUR WHIRL!

Our WHIRL is simply a place for direct, straight-forward, communication with other like-minded individuals, civic leaders and businesses.

ourwhirl.com® is a non-spying, non-intrusive, social media alternative.

We are UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLUE!!! We are not blue in relation to a political party, or organizations, BUT BLUE for our UNION, our United States of America, and our forward-thinking allies!

We are BLUE for all those who fought, and still fight daily, for our nation together, for equality, and a better world for all, as opposed to what has fought against us and stalled our nation continually:

  • confederates and their evil child, kkk;
  • nazis/neo-nazis and white nationalists;
  • voter suppression and gerrymandering;
  • inequality;
  • climate change denial;
  • infrastructure neglect;
  • separate and unequal education; and
  • anti-democracy, anti-Constitution, anti-government hatriots, who have not evolved, but continually support destructive and anti-civil rights policies.

Founded by two pre-slavery Black American female software engineers and a pre-slavery Black American female CFO. Our team consists of various Silicon Valley, California veterans from PSI Modem, Global Village Modem, Netcom Online Communications, Apple Computer, Palm Computing, and other ground-breaking tech companies — the "old school" generation, with extreme apathy for white supremacy, AND integrity and concern towards those doing the right things.

We are extremely outraged that all of our hard work and efforts have been reduced to platforms for white nationalists and various entities, who want to attack our democracy and progress, while billions connected online "socially" simply watch billions of dollars wasted on fraud and coverups. With billions connected, including on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for over a decade, more positive things should have been accomplished such as,

  • ethical and HONEST voter registrations without spying, unlawful distribution of your information or tampering,
  • reduction in poverty worldwide, with something as simple as $1.00 donations from BILLIONS connected,
  • accurate distribution of information and educational information, given technology is right at everyone's fingertips,
  • interfaces to connect less advanced areas for education, commerce and life-saving information,
  • innovation from an abundance of persons connected with great ideas, but no clue where to start, and
  • smarter spending to prevent funding of "the problem".

Instead, the founders of Facebook and Twitter have focused on placating and promoting white nationalism and regressive policies, that divide not only our nation, but world, all while enriching themselves. Facebook and Twitter believe that white nationalism needs a voice. We've seen their online words, heard their voices shouting at us online and more, and seen their offline violence.

Our team members represent all nationalities and lifestyles, and are from various parts of the United States and world, with one common goal: a better nation and world for all, one that isn't stalled by willful and cultural ignorance daily.

We're continually updating ourwhirl.com®. More detailed bios of our founders as well as Board of Directors information will be available soon. Our board members are persons behind most all of the technology we're using today! So... when we say, "we'll be working together to better all", we will be doing so with one amazing, ground-breaking think-tank as a 24/7 resource! We, too, have been busy at rallies, meetings and other resistance events since the 2016 election of a savage, with a team of savages, presented to our country as "excellence to be rewarded."

In the meantime, our excellence will greatly reward 65 million++ voting majority against ignorance and incompetence.

We're doing our part! Tell us your action plan!


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