AVOID: 209-297-0570 / 206-350-0990

A community member received a text message from spoofed phone number 209-297-0570, with direction to phone 206-350-0990 – neither of which are listed for any legitimate business, the FIRST RED FLAG FOR ANYONE who entertains phoning these con artists back:

Our filing address for (wrong name redacted) has returned undeliverable. Pls use 206-350-0990
and Reference # 877[redacted] to update.

Text message from spoofed-209-297-0570

How the scam works:

  1. Person(s) provide limited information to bait person into phoning back. Blocking number while reporting scam to www.ic3.gov is the best option. Their call/message is a financial fraud attempt, and part of a larger crime. The result of phoning a con artist back: you’re simply verifying that your phone number is legitimate, and matches their scam attempt.
  2. Person(s) have clearly stolen your information, either from a recent or old cyber attack. However, persons only have partial information. If persons were legitimate, they’d have your information, and wouldn’t need a “fishing (phishing) expedition” for the remaining information. In this case, person(s) have a name, a phone number and possibly last digits of a social security number.
  3. Don’t engage persons who do NOT have (a) a valid business phone, (b) a valid and verified business address, or (c) cannot identify any of their business information, while expecting you to divulge all of your personal information (name, date of birth, address, social security number, family members, etc.). Go on Facebook if you want to divulge all of your personal information. 🤣 Sorry, couldn’t resist.

These persons are criminals. Period.

Notify www.ftc.gov and/or www.ic3.gov as well as your local Attorney General of the call. Let law enforcement take out this type of trash. 💯 Do not waste your time with them.

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