AVOID: Consumer and identity theft fraud 833-259-6517

Update: 909-962-7104 is the same scam. Regard as follows:

Persons associated with this call-back number, under the guise of a legal notification, are criminals, 100% criminals, thugs and outlaws, running from the law. Persons identify themselves as “Legal Administration Office”, but that isn’t the name of a company, and there isn’t one law degree among the thieving bunch. In fact, it’s doubted that “law degree” can even be spelled by these outlaws.

  1. Scammers call from a blocked number for a supposed legal matter. In various states, this is 100% against the law. Legitimate legal and business calls must be identified by valid numbers and a valid company name.
  2. Persons direct to phone back to 833-259-6517 after providing a message as follows (message is transcribed to text, voice copy provided to law enforcement):

Hello this important message is intended for [redacted] my name is Mary Cortez calling with legal outsourcing processing and serving I’m calling in regards to what you got [inaudible] need to stop is for [redacted for named person’s privacy] at the property address located on [redacted] whatever processing serving officer stated that no one was available to sign into received a legal notice on [redacted] behalf for further details contact between office at 833-259-6517 that’s 833-259-6517 along with the reference number H 21 Dash [redacted] that’s 821 Dash [redacted] your stand up as a return call the address we have on file in place of employment will be deemed verified and documents will be processed and serve with the without consent…

833-259-6517 Tele-terrorists

3. They have allllll this information about the persons they’re harassing, 🙄 but claim to not be able to serve person. THERE IS NO PROCESS SERVICE, THERE CAN NEVER BE, because the call itself is 100% FRAUD and EXTORTION. The purpose of this call is to SCARE RECIPIENT OF CALL, scare someone into revealing personal information, and/or provide financial information/monetary gain to scammers. The scammers have already stolen partial information, so do NOT volunteer any new information. Persons need you to verify pieces of their information to complete their identity theft attempt.

What’s “funniest”, and not in an amusing way, about 833-259-6517:

You are lawfully entitled to know their legitimate business name, business location, and lawful collection agency state ID number, which is required, prior to directing persons to phone them. It’s the same BUSINESS INFORMATION that would be required, by law, to be ON DISPLAY in any physical business entered.

If you ask legitimate questions, that should be asked of any entity throwing around legal threats from or for a business entity, the 833-259-6517-extortionists threaten to alert authorities about the person they’re attempting to extort (party who phones them back). Miss “Legal Administration Office” cannot and will not identify who nor where they are. Any threats of theirs to alert authorities, would involve disclosing their own identity and location, something they’re unwilling to do… because they’re breaking the law!

4. Persons cannot and will not provide you with a legitimate name and/or state location of their company. If asked for their company information, something a consumer is required to receive, by law, 833-259-6517 scammers will become belligerent, completely ignorant and ridiculous, confirming the call is a scam and that there isn’t anything legal/lawful about the call or their purpose. Legitimate entities will have zero problems providing you with their official company name, location and business information, as well as direct office contact, for communications in writing, such as a restraining order against these criminals! 🤣

5. If the call was valid, persons would behave in a professional manner and would have sent a formal letter in writing, while credit reporting bureaus (and law enforcement) would recognize 833-259-6517 as a valid business entity, which they are not. Any outstanding legal matter, which persons are falsely claiming to represent, would be listed lawfully and legally. Note that no company is associated with 833-259-6517, no company exists. Anyone can obtain a toll-free number, and use the toll-free number for any purpose desired, including fraud.

What To Do

Keep a copy of the voicemail. Report the call to FTC.gov, as well as www.ic3.gov or https://www.fbi.gov/tips/. These persons are outlaws, criminals. Do not in any way treat them as legitimate callers nor a legal entity. If 833-259-6517 was legitimate, persons who answer wouldn’t go out of their way to conceal their identity. They want your money and access to your financial information, to live lavishly off you, while hiding their identity from law enforcement about their extortion attempts and harassment of family members.

Safeguard yourself via credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). Set up a FREE identity theft alert, to prevent persons from applying for credit in your name. Notify your family members of the scam, so that they’re aware and aren’t caught off guard by a fake call as well. You may have done business with someone which allowed your information to be stolen OR sold to these con artists, but that does not allow them to break the law and harass families in any way, shape or form.

Do not be intimidated by these ignorant, phony legal clowns. They have ZERO power, especially since they have to hide their identity. If persons phone you on your job, advise your employer that these persons are identity thieves, who have stolen your information, and that your employer should work to safeguard you from further harm.

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