AVOID: 904 area code scam-call blitz

These are just some of the dozens of calls from 904 area code for the past 2 months. The problem is increasing, not decreasing.

347-307-15452:13pmOctober 11, 2021904-265-7971
Orange Park, FL12:25pmOctober 11, 2021904-644-9164
Orange Park, FL11:21amOctober 8, 2021904-644-9165
Name Unavailable2:07pmOctober 7, 2021904-658-7323
Name Unavailable2:45pmOctober 5, 2021904-658-7323
Name Unavailable11:06amSeptember 15, 2021904-658-5422
Jacksonville, FL5:51pmSeptember 10, 2021904-605-1387
Jacksonville, FL4:46pmSeptember 7, 2021904-605-4020
Name Unavailable12:12pmSeptember 7, 2021904-658-4795
Jacksonville, FL11:44amAugust 31, 2021904-605-1117
Hastings, FL11:06amAugust 30, 2021904-785-7971
Name Unavailable2:22pmAugust 27, 2021904-590-8309
Name Unavailable9:42amAugust 26, 2021904-590-8270
Incessant robo calls from 904 area code numbers

Our Panasonic phone allows us to block by an entire area code. However, the calls have been persistent for over a month. So, now it’s time to alert others, who may be providing personal information to these scam callers, unknowingly.

We will now log these calls here, for consumer tracking and reporting, so that consumers DO NOT engage with any of these numbers. The calls are spoofed, non-existent numbers used for the purpose of financial fraud and other scams.

We will continually update this list with new numbers, dates, times and names.

Oct 2021: 904-265-7971 is a known financial scam attempt. It is either part of T-Mobile breach, or credit reporting agency breach. Do not interact with this entity, do not call back, which will verify your information. Their goal is to obtain your personal information (name, social security, date of birth) to match breach information.

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