AVOID: Ron Hanks, An Extremist and Insurrectionist Running for US Senate (Colorado)

#ICYMI: White supremacist, insurrectionist extremist, Ron Hanks, who attended Jan 6, 2021’s domestic terrorist rally, is running for US Senate (Colorado) to defeat Michael Bennet.

We don’t have to tell you which party a domestic terrorist, extremist is representing. But GOP’s Hanks is another example of the inferior intellect, white supremacists who want all to bow to and obey his ideology and violent views. Candace Owens will gladly stand behind him, with internalized racist pride.

Via US Senator Michael Bennet:

The Colorado GOP recently finalized their slate of opponents in hopes of flipping my seat.

And, team, January 6th insurrectionist and climate change denier Ron Hanks secured his spot on the primary ballot.

Hanks’ momentum has grown steadily week after week and this is the next big step toward becoming the Republican nominee to go head-to-head against our team. A recent poll showed me down by 1% to a GOP opponent and NPR ranked Colorado in the top 10 Senate seats most likely to flip, so we need to have the campaign infrastructure in place to defend this seat from an opponent like Ron Hanks.

From: Team Michael Bennet
Subject: An insurrectionist is gaining momentum in Colorado’s primary, folks

FIRST: Proud January 6th insurrectionist and Michael Bennet’s leading Republican opponent, State Rep. Ron Hanks won a straw poll following a Republican primary debate, beating out other Republican Senate candidates.

THEN: Republican Colorado State Representatives voted in favor of thanking Hanks for taking part in one of the darkest days in our nation’s history.

NOW: National outlets like CNN and Politico have been giving Hanks extensive coverage.

Make no mistake, team: This momentum is putting a spotlight on Hanks that is drawing supporters into his campaign, so we have to act fast.

Ron Hanks rallied with rioters who attempted to overthrow our democracy. His views are extreme, and he doesn’t represent Colorado’s values.

Support Michael Bennet’s campaign instead!



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Ron Hanks – Colorado Insurrectionist, Domestic Terrorist Extremist Running For US Senate
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