AVOID: Joy Villa

Why? We’d have enough of minstrel shows and internalized racists who spew revisionist history. We’d also seen what happens when ignorance fights against our nation and how generations are derailed from what was intended for this nation: all-inclusive, innovative advancements which help others beyond our nation.

This is what internalized racists and history revisionists look like. But luckily Joy Villa’s in a country where she’s free to be as ignorant as she wants, while knowing the voting majority isn’t obligated to patronize her nonsense.

Trump-stamp-Villa should ask Chrisette Michelle what it’s like to support 24/7 fraud, pimp, racist, con artist, misogynist creep Donald John Trump… 🤔

Oh… and avoid Ricky Rebel too… whomever he is. I think he’s Joy Villa’s little brother, and both attended the same marketing school for people who can’t appeal to voting majority.

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