AVOID: Mike Lindell’s MyPillow

Photo above: Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez, who died in custody, while seeking asylum.

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We should have added this product years ago. We thought consumers would be smarter about Mike Lindell’s products, especially MyPillow, given consumer and fraud complaints. However, many consumers are still blinded by his repetitive ads.

However, after MyPillow founder, cocaine, crack cocaine, and alcohol addict Mike Lindell, stood with a prolific con artist, Impeached-Trump, 🙄 and suggested that Trump represented “hope”, while advising that everyone have a come to “white Jesus/God” moment and read a man-made, poorly translated bible, we realized now is the perfect time to add Mike Lindell and MyPillow to our AVOID list.

Where was Lindell’s “come to God” moment as children lay dying in Trump concentration camps? 🤨

Where was the “hope” for families torn apart, suffering or dying in a Trump concentration camp? 😢

Where was Lindell’s “Christianity” as children were being separated from their parents and sold off for profit, or left alone in concentration camps, crying and screaming for their safety net (their parents and other family members)? Being near their parent(s) was their MyPillow. Hope for a better life, and alive, was their other MyPillow.

Did Lindell send any pillows, blankets or sheets, or even “hope” to comfort anyone at any of the numerous Trump concentration and torture camps?

Sixteen year-old, Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez, dies inside Trump concentration camp:

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Thousands of migrant children raped in Trump concentration camps:

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Lindell, himself, is a descendant of Jim Crow benefactor migrants. His family migrated to US, more than likely illegally, settled into “whites only”. Lindell lived callously, without regard nor concern for others. Lindell’s MyPillow product is probably an idea stolen from someone else, as is the case, always, with opportunist persons like Lindell.

We can list all of Mike Lindell’s unethical and dishonest acts, but there isn’t enough time.

However, here’s some advice for Mike Lindell: if he wants to become a christian, become one, that’s his PERSONAL choice. However, actually follow through with it, and READ THE BIBLE while comprehending its origin and the words, instead of defending and standing next to a man who’s the antithesis of Christianity, Donald Trump. Or, if reading the bible is too much for Lindell, read about or discover Mother Teresa, who helped all regardless of faith.

There are some who are so poor, they’ve never even seen a bible, nor won’t in their lifetime. Their day-to-day concern: food and shelter, while ironically treating others more decently than Lindell nor any Trump family member. Lindell’s “read the bible” statement also disregards other faiths, while suggesting all worship his god, Trump, or whomever Lindell pretends his god is, while Lindell worships all things Trump.

Migrant father dies rescuing his child:


Persons are migrating to US and other areas because of climate change and war torn areas. Zero compassion found within and around Trump.

Words of Christ ignored daily by persons pretending to be Christians and “patriots of God”. Try hatriots opposed to God, it’s more honest.

The one thing that God loves most: PEOPLE. They’re irreplaceable. God doesn’t need money, nor wealth, nor are money and wealth equal to God, or believing one is a god, as Trump believes he is.

No matter what faith, the underlying principle is decency, concern and compassion for others. There is no decency, concern, nor compassion in Lindell nor Trump. The high and growing body count surrounding Trump confirms this!

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# Mike Lindell keeps parroting "cancel culture".
Does Lindell think persons should fund fascism and/or violent, clueless, misguided insurrections, which caused the deaths of several persons? Does Lindell think persons should fund supporters of Charlottesville Unite The Right rally ("very fine people", or Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, "pizza gate", birthering, #Newtown/Sandy Hook hoaxers, and election interference? If so, Mike Lindell is either a flaming, racist creep, or dumber than the creator of "Trump University".

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