AVOID: The Heritage Foundation, a white supremacy-based organization

The Heritage Foundation’s roots and current leadership both tied to white supremacy. Even more disturbing is that The Heritage Foundation is one of the most influential conservative public policy organizations in the U.S.

The Heritage Foundation supports and promotes the misguided belief that white Americans, who migrated to US during Jim Crow-whites only, are the builders and owners of our nation, and all must be done, including through violence, to protect and preserve their revisionist history heritage.

President Joe Biden removed #badgradestrump’s white supremacy based “1776 Commission” report (featured image above), which was only created in response to the historically accurate 1619 Project. Unlike the extremely flawed “1776 Commission”, the 1619 Project documents factual history of America before 1776’s revolt with slavery as its starting foundation.

The Heritage Foundation supports the white supremacy papers of #badgradestrump, “1776 Commission”, and The Heritage Foundation wants to keep publishing and distributing the 1776-Jim Crow benefactor handbook. No surprise here… because…

The Heritage Foundation was founded by three Jim Crow benefactors (persons whose families migrated to US during Jim Crow, for Jim Crow-whites only):

Paul Weyrich (German, who founded the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress (CSFC) and worked side-by-side with neo-nazi Laszlo Pasztor, a former leader of the pro-Nazi Arrow Cross Party),

Edwin Feulner (German, who is adored by Sparks, Nevada’s own Karl Rove, which speaks unethical and dishonest volumes), and

Joseph Coors (German, whose original name is “Kohrs”/”Kuhrs”, and whose grandfather, Adolph, came to US as undocumented stowaway, while The Heritage Foundation funds GOP, which targets non-white migrants seeking asylum).

After the above information, do you STILL need to know why The Heritage Foundation is on our AVOID list?

But let this sink in: three white men, who grew up during Jim Crow, decided to create a “think tank” to ensure their privileges were furthered through legislative policy. Now, where did we see this before??!! Time and time again, through confederates, ku klux klan, nazis, and other white supremacists, including the families of Heritage Foundation’s founders.

Let’s go over some of white supremacy-based The Heritage Foundation’s policies, shall we…

  1. Against environmental policies which provide clean air and water to non-white and poor areas, as well as against policies intended to combat #climatechange, something The Heritage Foundation doesn’t believe in.
  2. Against women’s rights, including equal pay and choice (abortion rights), while claiming to be pro-life. See number one above: clean air and water helps fetuses, but “think tank” The Heritage Foundation thinks it knows what’s best. 🙄
  3. Against unions and worker protections, as well as cost of living wage increases. The Heritage Foundation thinks persons should slave away for the benefit of corporations, which should pay minimal or zero taxes, while nothing trickles down to the working class, and infrastructure and innovation crumbles from less revenue.
  4. Against healthcare for all, but again, The Heritage Foundation claims to be pro-life, while the number one child killer is poverty-related deaths.
  5. Against equality, and especially against 6th Amendment. The Heritage Foundation stands for and with the murderers of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, George Floyd, John Crawford III, Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Elijah McClain, and every other person who died by judge, juror and executioner, which is a denial of 6th Amendment rights and 14th Amendment rights.
  6. Against equal education, because the dumber you are, the more likely you’ll be a bigot who supports The Heritage Foundation, or not smart enough to notice the white supremacy-based policies of The Heritage Foundation.
  7. There’s not enough time to list everything that The Heritage Foundation is against, but The Heritage Foundation is basically for, and stands with, everything that has fought against and stalls our nation, for the benefit of white supremacy.

If someone you know is promoting The Heritage Foundation or posting their links: they’re either an internalized racist or a white supremacist. Often The Heritage Foundation’s links shared are intended to validate the biased, misguided beliefs of the person sharing the links.

That person is free to share what they want, but we, on the other hand, are free to ignore and move forward around The Heritage Foundation.

The white supremacy heritage of The Heritage Foundation

More Info:

The GLAAD Hand of Coors

At issue was GLAAD’s recent decision to accept $110,000 from the Coors Brewing Company. There has been a gay and lesbian boycott of Coors for 20 years to protest the company’s longstanding connection to far-right groups, as well as company policies that once included lie detector tests asking employees about their sexual orientation. Joseph Coors Sr., one of America’s preeminent reactionaries, was a cheerleader for the John Birch Society and the Nicaraguan contras, helped launch the odious Heritage Foundation, and poured millions into the Moral Majority and its ilk.

The Village Voice

President Joe Biden removes #badgradestrump’s white supremacy project, “1776 Commission“.


Hatriot revisionist history, via #badgradestrump, who refused to show his own K-12 grades, but has audacity to attempt to convert others to his ignorance. Fortunately, for our nation, an educator is now the First Lady, and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden knows better than to stand with and for this “1776 Commission” nonsense below:

Trump’s ‘patriotic education’ report excuses Founding Fathers for owning slaves and likens progressives to Mussolini

…Mr. Biden will cancel Mr. Trump’s 1776 Commission, which released a report on Monday that historians said distorted the history of slavery in the United States.


The buffoonery and ignorance that The Heritage Foundation stands wholly with:

Thank goodness this white nationalist garbage was removed immediately by the Biden-Harris administration.
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