Did Hip Hop/Rap Artists Fail Us?

This question does NOT apply to all rap and hip hop artists. For example, Megan Thee Stallion 🎓 is the total package: brains (in addition to being a college graduate), beauty, philanthropy, and taking care of her “come up” area in Houston. 👏🏾 Megan succeeds, those around her succeed. And Megan will be there to show up and show out, to take care of business, especially for mothers in need.

🤔 Thinking about this, as I see hip hop and rap artists “iced out” in limos and $200K+ cars, while hearing non-stop crime reports from their “come up” areas, that I never hear concern about, while they’re promoting “all things white [JJ].”

Did the current generation of wealthy rap and hip hop artists and moguls, Kanye West included, fail our communities?

Take a look at how Kanye West quickly ran to bad grades-Trump, a prolific, white supremacist, who has NEVER, EVER hired a black person as CEO/CFO for any of his businesses nor to manage his money. And I’ll stop calling him bad grades-Trump once his K-12 and collegiate grades are released, given bad grades-Trump demanded to see President Obama’s grades, after his birthering lie blew up globally.

When has bad grades-Trump ever said anything, during his entire adult lifetime, to indicate that he supports Civil, Voting or Women’s Rights, equal employment and education for all, infrastructure improvements, including to combat climate change (flooding, crumbling roads and bridges), and safe housing for working families??!! And “what have you got to lose,” doesn’t count.

Two of bad grades-Trump’s biggest supporters answer that question: Joe Manchin (West Virginia) and Kentucky (Rand Paul, with Mitch McConnell and McConnell’s former Labor Secretary wife). Kentucky is legislated by a literal klansman, Rand Paul, who is the son of a klansman (Ron Paul), and is one of the poorest states in our nation, with highest welfare use, and government dependence and fraud (Owsley County, which is 99% white and 95% GOP). 🤔 🤷🏾‍♀️ F they doin’ ova there in Kentucky? What’s the economic resource? White supremacy?

Mitch McConnell, Elaine Chao, and Rand Paul are three of the richest persons in our nation, and even more wealthy, thanks to Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and bad grades-Trump’s 2017 “Tax Cuts And Jobs Act”.

Extremely wealthy Mitch McConnell’s State of Kentucky! And his wife was a former Labor Secretary. Irony, huh? https://www.kentucky.com/news/local/education/article241294606.html

West Virginia is filled with white supremacists, waiting for a Jim Crow comeback, while their roads, bridges and education crumble. Their last US Senator was wealthy Jay Rockefeller. Yacht-man-Manchin is now the face of extreme poverty, but he’s got the only “bread and butter” for West Virginia covered: anti-climate change coal.

Bad grades-Trump thinks that only black persons are poor, and a drain on his white world. Thus, why bad grades-Trump’s only black cabinet member, Ben Carson, was assigned to the “housing projects department”, 🙄 where bad grades-Trump, thinks we all live, or should be relegated to. Then, Ben Carson placed Lynn Patton into one of our nation’s largest public housing system, NYCHA, to live for a few weeks. Patton never lived in, nor even saw, public housing before bad grades-Trump. Patton, as an adult, hustled for, and with, bad grades-Trump. Whatever the Trump-family tells Patton to do, she jumps to do it, because Patton’s considered a “do what I gotta do, f everyone else” to survive person. Same as many hip hop/rap artists wiping their asses with their own communities, for their riches.

Lynn Patton was born in Alabama, but her family moved to Westville, Connecticut, one of the best places in the nation to live. Patton had so much freedom and wealth, she became a wealthy drug addict, party girl, who landed into the manipulative, cash paying arms of a white supremacist, that she proudly sings praises for – because they’re paying her a lot (to afford more drugs) to be a prop and a distraction from truth and EEOC complaints against the Trumps.

Lynn Patton, along with Kanye West and quite a few rap artists, are on the same Trump-team as David Duke. I grew up with David Duke and his family’s racism in New Orleans. I heard their lifelong racist words. Never saw any of them in the hood, nor in our Gentilly neighborhood, which was filled with working class Black American families and local celebrities.

One of my childhood classmates is the daughter of an actual klansman, who fully supported David Duke. David Duke would have been POTUS, as he was being groomed for higher offices by white supremacists. David Duke only fell out of the ku klux klan’s graces after Duke was convicted federally for stealing from other klan.

One thing I learned from being around children of the klan: klan only supports their own. The only black persons kkk supports, from a distance, are those who will repeat their words and rhetoric (internalized racists such as Larry Elder, Corrin Rankin, Wayne Dupree, Candace Owens, Melissa Tate, Kanye West, and other “blacks for trump”), fake crime stats and all. The only purpose a black person serves for white supremacists: do as they say, speak as they say, which Candace Owens, and my white supremacist neighbor, calls “free thinking.” 🙄

Unless a political candidate is 100% for white supremacy, white supremacists won’t support a candidate, because they believe politics is for “the n-word” now, since Civil and Voting Rights Acts, the same legislation white supremacists have been fighting against since Strom Thurmond, Trent Lott, and Jesse Helms led the way for hatriotism. After the election of bad grades-Trump, David Duke came down off his assumed “holy word of armed, white Jesus,” white supremacist website and frequent trips to Russia, to stand with bad grades-Trump, and to tell his fellow white supremacists to “come on out and vote, Trump is the one for us to take our country back.” (🤔 Our? OUR??? Hmph. Um okay.) But that, Duke’s klan-krazy-klowns did: Matthew Heimbach, Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, Madison Cawthorn, the entire Sons of confederate Vets organization, white supremacists in our military (Dan Crenshaw, Kurt Schlichter, John Kelly, and countless others, including my ex-neighbor’s father, who targeted black military recruits for his wealth), Patriot Front, and countless Jan 6, 2021 insurrectionists.

Once a klan, always a klan, unless there is a divine intervention, such as the case of Robert Byrd, the only klansman who abandoned kkk, and didn’t jump to GOP to protest, with Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms AND David Duke, against Civil, Equal, Women’s and Voting Rights Acts.

David Duke also had black supporters when he ran for Governor of Louisiana. Duke knew he needed black voters to win, therefore, pretended to be a “man of all people.” But if you look at the speech and words of Duke’s black supporters, they were the same internalized racist words of Larry Elder, Candace Owens and Kanye West. I wish I could find the local Times Picayune newspaper article, which had black persons wrapped around David Duke, singing his praises. 😳 All I could think about was the hateful, bigoted words I heard Duke saying while growing up, klan robes hanging in local NOLA dry cleaners, and the words of Norman Shearin, a white supremacist, who had audacity to tell me, on the job, at US Army Corps of Engineers, that there would never be a black person in his Jefferson Parish neighborhood, they’re not allowed. Shearin also bragged about killing anyone black, who so much as looked at his daughters. David Duke was his representative, and someone Shearin was ready to die on a hill for. Shearin couldn’t be fired, he was protected from firing, which is why he was a 60-something-year-old demoted to clerk typist, sitting next to 19-year-old me answering phones, while I was working one of my first jobs, while attending college full-time.

But, I wonder where the black persons who supported David Duke are now? 🤔 Why so silent about David Duke now?


If you and David Duke are running to support the same cause and person, you’re part of the problem, especially for black/non-white Americans and women in general.

David Duke, promising to “take his country back”, with the help of bad grades-Trump

What’s baffling is Duke complaining that he’s losing the race (no pun intended), that he helped to create. David Duke was given every single “whites only” handout available, and what wasn’t available, Duke created for himself, which makes him the ultimate Jim Crow benefactor. Duke’s family “inherited” (stole) land and oil rights from victims of Tulsa 1921 wealthy black families, so Duke wasn’t growing up suffering, but enjoying “benefits” of white supremacy and 100% wrong 24/7. Duke was able to afford college, and spew his kkk rhetoric while at LSU, while many non-whites were denied attendance to LSU. Duke was able to enter politics as a literal klansman, but he now feels disenfranchised. How so?? Because he can no longer literally kick someone down or shoot to kill a black person on his way to anywhere?

I remember when my cousin, Lloyd Lazard, had to fight to get the first black-owned business in Metairie, Louisiana. I also remember passing a giant “Knights of ku klux klan” building along the way, and remember the way we were stared at, as if we didn’t belong in the area or on “their earth.” Yet, white supremacists were, and still are, standing on our Native American and slavery-built lands.

What Duke wants to return back to, and Duke’s dream irony, given President Lincoln wanted to outlaw confederates at the end of Civil War:

lynching at will, especially through law enforcement and “Stand Your Ground”/ALEC laws;
discrimination at will;
housing and jobs denials to non-whites;
guns and ammo for “whites only”; and
creating impoverished war zones, stripped of congressional services and representation, such that persons in area die quicker.

Low-life confederates killed President Lincoln, and on the same night, attempted to kill Secretary of State William Seward. Confederates’ attempt to kill Mr. Seward, tells you all you need to know about confederates/kkk. Mr. Seward was an abolitionist; Underground Railroad helper with his neighbor Harriet Tubman, who received her home in Auburn, New York via Mr. Seward at a time when it was unlawful to sell property to non-whites; and author of the Emancipation Proclamation. The day after the assassination of President Lincoln, was the day Lincoln was signing full civil and equal rights into law for Black Americans, while banning confederates as outlaws. Imagine our nation today without confederates?

Immediately after low-life confederate sympathizer Andrew Johnson assumed office after President Lincoln’s assassination, Johnson immediately restored all rights and lands back to confederates, who then created the ku klux klan and Sons of confederate Vets via Nathan Bedford Forrest. Look at who the Sons of confederate Vets members are today, AND which party they belong to?

Look at the persons both David Duke and bad grades-Trump praise: George Zimmerman (for shooting Trayvon Martin), Derek Chauvin (for killing George Floyd), Kyle Rittenhouse (for killing liberal white supporters of Civil, Equal and Voting Rights, 6th Amendment and 14th Amendments), and those “very fine people” on the klan/neo-nazi side at Charlottesville, Virginia. We can also never forget how bad grades-Trump called black NFL players, “sons of bitches”, while the NFL is still run like a plantation. Colin Kaepernick has had a target on his back since entering the NFL, and a bigger target once he spoke his mind (free thinking) and truth. But hip hop community members, especially Kanye, remain loyal to bad grades-Trump, as if Trump is paying them. Trump needs hip hop and rap artists more than they need him. Trump didn’t help them when they were in the hood AND didn’t help create rap/hip hop music (which Trump hates and trashes). Trump didn’t help them become rap moguls, but Trump will take their money, while using them as props for his white supremacy messaging. This is the dysfunctional version of Malcolm X’s philosophy regarding build your own, and see who needs whom (who comes calling to whom after), as rap industry is something built exclusively by Black Americans, and is now a sustaining, profitable culture (clothing, music, branding) with audiences world wide.

Kanye West and other rap artists, along with black church leaders and Steve Harvey, flocked around bad grades-Trump, even after bad grades-Trump appointed a literal klansman and Council of Conservative Citizens member to his cabinet: Tony Perkins.

Why Steve Harvey ran to bad grades-Trump, immediately after the 2016-electoral process, is a mystery. Harvey was simply employed by bad grades-Trump for pageants, however, Steve Harvey shouldn’t defend a white supremacist, especially after all of the struggles that Harvey endured before and after “fame”, struggles created by persons such as bad grades-Trump and Trump’s racist father. Unless, Harvey has done some dirt with bad grades-Trump, including with pageant contestants.

This should have been the hip hop/rap anthem as bad grades-Trump ran for and held office.

TRUTH! Via YG ft. Nipsey Hussle

There is widespread ignorance within the hip hop/rap community about Russia being a haven for white supremacy (reading and paying attention was required in 2001). White supremacists travel to Russia to “unwind”, and plot and plan attacks against our own nation. Free speech, equal rights, and gun rights for Russian citizens are denied in Russia. The gun rights thing I’m puzzled about, as hatriots here always claim that an unarmed society is at risk for communism, while a communist country, Russia, is their haven, go-to. LGBTQ+ Russians are jailed, tortured and or killed. And non-whites and women are property, to be used at will.

David Duke took his planning for his “all white dream” and Russian “vacays” even further, by encouraging white supremacists to join the National Guard, law enforcement and Red Cross, to decide who receives help and who doesn’t.



‘Memba Hurricane Katrina, when first responders and whites were shooting black persons seeking dry ground AND help? https://www.propublica.org/article/post-katrina-white-vigilantes-shot-african-americans-with-impunity

David Duke has taken his crusade against Jews and non-Europeans to Russia, which he now sees as “the key to white survival.” www.cbsnews.com/news/david-duke-to-russia-with-hate

cbsnews.com (2001)

Prominent rappers ran to white supremacist, bad grades-Trump, however, when has the klan EVER showed up to housing projects or inner city areas, where many iconic rap artists hail from, to work together to better all? Yet, rappers showed up for bad grades-Trump, ran to sing his praises. Many rappers and hip hop artists have been as quiet as a mouse peeing in cotton after birthering, Charlottesville, “what have you got to lose”, “grab ’em by the pussy”, all while bad grades-Trump was close, personal friends with Bob Kroll, the Cops For Trump founder, who trained Minneapolis police, Derek Chauvin included. Kroll also made time to discriminate against black cops, at the same time he was training white officers to kill at will (violate 6th Amendment rights).

  1. Bob Kroll calls #BlackLivesMatter a “terrorist group”: https://www.officer.com/command-hq/news/12215638/minneapolis-police-union-head-calls-black-lives-matter-terrorist-group
  2. Black Minneapolis police officers sue because of a prolific pattern of racism and discrimination, racism furthered by Bob Kroll: https://www.startribune.com/high-ranking-black-cops-sue-minneapolis-police-department/12081986

Why I’m Asking If Hip Hop and Rap Artists Have Failed Our Communities

Many hip hop and rap artists were raised in public housing and impoverished, crime-ridden areas. Many rap artists and producers also “came up” via drug dealing, leaving their own neighborhoods looking like a war zone, with guns, violence, human trafficking, and very little concern for ensuring that all are receiving quality education, food, healthcare options and stores, congressional resources, voting rights and civil rights, and basic safety and quality of life. Rap artists take their wealth earned from destruction of their own neighborhood, move away, and forget their own home area exists. No wonder bad grades-Trump applauded rappers running to him, they are on the same team: ignoring extreme poverty which kills more people than guns, black-on-black crime, and no black buying power or resources, while persons quickly die off or suffer, same as life on many Native American reservations.

On the other side of “coming up”, Florida man-Rick Scott’s “come up” was via Medicare fraud-to-riches. Scott billed for services never performed. But if Scott was intelligent, he would have actually set up legitimate practices, to serve those who actually needed medical help, but were denied by healthcare services because their only insurance is Medicare, which is funded via paid into and guaranteed government payments. Scott knew how to bill Medicare, more than services who deny Medicare options.

After Scott “came up”, Scott then turned around and legislated against his state, on behalf of wealthy persons, while leaving Florida’s coastal environment severely damaged, letting “Stand Your Ground”/ALEC laws kill at will, along with mass shooters with easy access to guns, and while decimating public education, and diverting public funds to protect confederate monuments and policies.

😅 See how it’s done Kanye West, Ice Cube and Lil Wayne – Scott built his own, via fraud and crimes, but then took care of his own, first and foremost, to ensure that Scott’s communities and partners in crime “thrived”, succeeded. 😐

I’m a firm believer in build your own, then see who needs whom (Malcolm X).

Rappers and hip hop artists build theirs, then run to the persons who would never, ever, come to them, and who work to destroy the rest of their “come up” neighborhoods. WTF?!!!!

And rappers who actually work to build up their communities, which they actually care about, are gunned down, or die because of health reasons. You’d think rappers would work to protect their own. Only thing protected in their own original home areas is a stash house, or their own crime-based “come up.” Everything and everyone else is disregarded.

Education helps better our own black communities – whether we live in them or not. Education makes constituents aware of who represents them, and why, and where their hard-earned money is spent. Education creates more jobs, as more innovation and free-thinking ideas to improve lives, becomes possible with better informed and educated members of the community.

Quality foods skip “the hood”. Fast food restaurants, owned by white supremacists and Jim Crow benefactors, dominate the “come up” areas of the majority of hip hop/rap artists’ home area. Fresh produce, vegetables, and healthier food options lead to less long-term medical problems in the future, including obesity-related problems, as well as mental illness and stress from limited access to better, life-saving foods. A healthy body is a healthy mind and spirit.

Then, there’s the banking problem. 😐 Only check-cashing places dominate the hood. How many hip hop/rap millionaire and billionaire artists and moguls have pooled their resources to create, in their own original home areas, a local community or credit union, with additional options to provide money management, and even micro-loans with less predatory options? That option alone would help many rise out of poverty, while providing more safety – less need to carry cash around while targeted for robberies while going to/from post offices for money orders or leaving check cashing places.

Persons such as Russell Simmons have created a costly debit card option, which allows persons to load their paychecks via direct deposits to a card, at an exorbitant fee, plus excessive ATM fees. A community bank or credit union waives minimum balance fees, as long as direct deposits, of any amount exist, waives ATM fees, and even allows full banking services while traveling to other areas and countries, without worry, nor need to carry excessive amounts of cash (all that a person has worked for).

However, Russell Westbook, one-up’d costly pre-paid debit cards with full banking services, investments back into black communities, and more. Meanwhile, economic empowerment in their own home areas, seems to go right over the heads of many rap artists, who move to all-white neighborhoods, after amassing their wealth (via drugs or music about the hood). Ice Cube, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and even 50 Cent now have to abide by homeowner association rules, out of respect for their neighbors. Where was the respect for their “come up” neighbors? Kanye West is from South Side Chicago, but has moved to almost all-white Wyoming and/or some other “no blacks from the hood allowed” area. His own hometown area is now fully gentrified, while others are disenfranchised from “economic development”, which caters to gentrification.

As soon as bad grades-Trump was chosen by 304-Electorates (after a longggggg stall in electoral votes updates 🙄), Killer Mike, Ice Cube, Lil Wayne (who is from my own NOLA childhood housing projects area, The Calliope), and other rappers ran to work with a man, who would have denied someone who looks like them from entering bad grades-Trump’s home areas or businesses, or used law enforcement to stop them from doing business outside of one of bad grades-Trump’s Trump Tower buildings or hotels. And I don’t ever recall bad grades-Trump hanging out at Rose Tavern, or even Magnolia Projects, to speak to working class families or drug dealing hustlers and murderers, who did the same as bad grades-Trump (exploited others to riches). But now, bad grades-Trump is the “hope for our future”. GTFOH! Put that unknown concoction cup down, and switch to water!

And let’s not forget bad grades-Trump’s hiring and apartment rental practices whites first and only, especially for office and executive positions, and non-whites for service positions with less pay and ZERO benefits (to wait on bad grades-Trump, as if he’s “master”). Even when a black male, Randal D. Pinkett, won bad grades-Trump’s “The Apprentice”, and won fair and square, Trump wouldn’t let Mr. Pinkett enjoy his win, but instead placed a co-winner, a white female, on Pinkett’s pedestal.

At a hip hop summit, after bad grades-Trump’s mysterious election process, rappers had audacity to allow internalized racist, Candace Owens, to be a part of the summit. When asked questions by rapper T.I. (Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.), Owens failed miserably, while Owens’ goal was to demand slave-like loyalty to her master, Trump. Owens and my white supremacist ex-neighbor are on the same side of ideology. Both believe that a “free thinker” is someone who leaves the Democratic party and pledges obedience to bad grades-Trump and today’s Strom Thurmond-GOP’s oppressive and regressive policies. Both dodge the following consistent questions asked to conservatives, who always push, “Democrats are the party of slavery/kkk and poverty” (while omitting which party the anti-voting and anti-civil rights, white supremacist legislators are in now):

I’m a prolific voter. You’ve got my vote if you can show me a PROFITABLE RED STATE with zero poverty, quality and innovative infrastructure, zero confederate memorabilia or laws to protect the confederacy, zero racism, factual education for all, 100% equality, with full-adherence to US Constitution (including settled laws regarding women’s, civil and voting rights).


And who can forget this exchange with Omarosa and National Association of Black Journalists member Ed Gordon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKSt1Y-_v5U. Omarosa also expected blind obedience to her master, who, with another misogynist racist, John Kelly, tossed her out, because she overstepped and spoke with authority, the same thing white males do daily in offices across America. 🙄

Then, there’s technology promoted among hip hop/rap artists. They’re quick to blow up BIFF’s poorly planned products (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit), which promote misinformation and white supremacy rhetoric, while overlooking that the same companies do not have ANY black executives nor leaders.

Jack Dorsey loves him some Kanye West, because Dorsey saw Kanye as the perfect Republican tool: put a black face, that’s popular, “on the lawn”, and the rest of “the blacks” will fall in line. This is the same assumption that bad grades-Trump has: all black people need to be told what to do by white males like him, so get one popular black person to say what bad grades-Trump wants to hear, and the rest will fall in line, as if we’re one person, one thought and ONE vote. 🙄

Jack Dorsey couldn’t wait to welcome his prized-boy, Kanye, back to Twitter, especially after the election of white supremacist Trump. Meanwhile, Dorsey and Facebook, with billions connected, created an “obey nggr obey” environment, while using celebrities as “property”, cattle for their profit and validation. Billions connected, with advertisers throwing around their money, and with billions having access to just $1.00 (one dollar), could have put a dent in poverty, or climate change innovations!

There are so many other online services and apps, including social media services created by black women/women of color. Instead, hip hop and rap artists blew up Twitter, made Dorsey wealthy, while nothing for us was being accomplished, together, with our own business, engineering and civic leaders’ resources. Since 2008, on Twitter, I’ve been called “nigger”, “bitch”, “cunt”, “liberal diseased bitch” (and I’m a former GOP member), “stupid”, “loser”, and more, all unsolicited through the Jack Posobiec klan – and persons are doing this on technology I helped to create back in the day (browsers, PDAs/handheld devices, and modems/access to the internet). Billions connected should have resulted in educating others about other cultures like a mutha. Instead, this is what ya get on Twitter: verified Jack Posobiec or Lori Henry, who wants all Muslims and liberals to leave land she doesn’t own, didn’t create, and certainly didn’t help build!

On Our WHIRL, persons aren’t verified simply because they’re “publicly known” or famous. Ted Bundy was famous. Jack Dorsey would have verified him too, if Bundy had access to Twitter. To become verified here, persons must be a part of the moving forward solution, not the problem, as in their work greatly benefits our world, and helps move our nation and world forward, through legislation and outstanding civic leadership. Jack Dorsey verified Kurt Schlichter, Nick Searcy, and countless other misguided, angry Jim Crow benefactors. Persons should also not be an organized criminal, who has robbed, maligned women of color, and promotes violence, THEN get verified on Twitter, because person hustled their way into the news, while pretending to be “#BlackLivesMatter”. One example of this, Shams da Baron a/k/a Ramone Buford, the partner of a cop shooter, crack cocaine trafficker, who knows where bodies are buried, because he was doing dirt with organized criminals, and robbed me, left me for dead, confirming my black life did NOT matter at all.

But, back to rap and hip hop artists, who “got theirs” and ride around in 200,000.00 to million dollar cars: what about your come up neighborhoods? How are they doing?

My grandparents and mother worked while helping others, their own, along the way. No mother was left behind, and no stranger ever entered either grandparents’ home and was not fed, clothed or helped in some way. As a child, I befriended anyone, because my mother didn’t teach me hate of others. We used to play in a sand hill at a cement company in Gentilly – I still cannot believe some of the neighborhood teens slid across a giant pipe, over a large body of water, to get other side of canal, to play with other friends. But one day, while playing at that same sand hill, we saw a family living in a dilapidated home, windows broken, no heat, hot water. Inside was a single black mother, with children. I introduced them to my mother. They’ve been lifelong friends since, and their children are now doing amazing things, because someone believed in them, didn’t treat them like trash, nor try to kill them NOR sell them drugs.

To Be Continued… but just saw this in the news: Daddy Yankee to retire.


Daddy Yankee also ran to bad grades-Trump. Did he enjoy the paper towels thrown at Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria, while bad grades-Trump’s 3rd wife wore a $50,000.00++ outfit, including with a “I Don’t Care…” jacket, to make a #BeBest statement?

Puerto Ricans cannot vote for POTUS, but can serve in our military to fight our unnecessary wars, which bring profits to top 1% and military defense contractors. Jim Crow benefactors who know how to submit the paperwork to apply on behalf of a fake military entity, then sit back and get paid. Name one US or Puerto Rican BLACK, ASIAN or SPANISH-OWNED military defense corporation? What is Daddy Yankee doing about that, which is why I call him by his real name, Ramon, as he’s no “Daddy” (economic empowerment, guardian of community) or Yankee, as he stands with a confederate worshiper, bad grades-Trump.

Crimes In #NYCHA, Where Many NYC Rappers and Moguls Hail From:

#Brooklyn, Breukelen Houses – woman shot in the face (Mar 21, 2022): https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/face-20220322-mm2dlp4i3na4dghtt37v4uljuy-story.html

Various areas of #NYC: 29 shootings over the weekend (Friday, Mar 18 – Sunday, Mar 20, 2022): https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-nypd-bloody-weekend-shootings-20220321-5ondtom2djcjxobwver6xcywom-story.html

15-year-old shot, but also has been shot multiple times before (Mar 21, 2022): https://pix11.com/news/local-news/bronx/teen-injured-in-bronx-shooting-nypd/

Elderly women being preyed upon in Corsi Houses (E. 116th St./Second Ave.) (Mar 2022): https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-cops-hunting-for-burglar-who-preys-on-older-women-20220326-nbktwkzurzhxvaxx2tipc5xqtq-story.html

General Crimes Excused AND Ignored By Hip Hop Community Members

Alvin Bragg is part of the hip hop community, thus his support of bad grades-Trump, and Bragg’s refusal to prosecute bad grades-Trump: https://pix11.com/ap-political/ex-prosecutor-trump-guilty-of-numerous-felony-violations/

“It Takes A Village,” but clearly not here (Mar 21, 2022): https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-arrest-stabbing-teens-john-adams-high-school-20220321-xb3tcn2bc5hclbz3ru6oqtd53e-story.html

Woman punched while commuting… punched “just because”, zero concern for her well-being, safety, or her family, given she was probably sole bread-winner for her family (Mar 2, 2022): https://pix11.com/news/local-news/brooklyn/woman-punched-multiple-times-in-unprovoked-subway-attack-nypd/

THREE PEOPLE punch 13-year-old GIRL, then rob shoes, and it wasn’t warm on Mar 15, 2022 either. https://pix11.com/news/local-news/bronx/trio-kick-punch-13-year-old-girl-steal-her-sneakers-in-the-bronx/

Store employee attacked (Mar 14, 2022):


Hollis Queens, home of iconic hip hop/rap artists: gunmen open fire, as if at the O.K. Corral 😲, and shooting wildly with zero regard for the safety of their own community! (March 25, 2022) https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-gunmen-open-fire-at-rival-on-queens-street-20220326-kvsulu5jkfcebkroeuwxq27rfa-story.html

More than a half-dozen shots were fired, with most of the bullets embedding in cars parked in the area, cops said.

NY Daily News – https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-gunmen-open-fire-at-rival-on-queens-street-20220326-kvsulu5jkfcebkroeuwxq27rfa-story.html

Autopsy reveals that rapper Young Dolph (Adolph Thorton Jr.) was shot 22-times. A lot of hatred, jealousy and evil aimed at Young Dolph, who had a wife and kids, when gunned down: https://www.theroot.com/autopsy-report-shows-rapper-young-dolph-was-shot-22-tim-1848661864

Brooklyn musician who worked with Busta Rhymes and Grandmaster Melle Mel shot dead in Bensonhurst, suspects at large (Mar 24, 2022): https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-brooklyn-shot-murder-nypd-20220325-5lbpfqviunewvepugftscpjuca-story.html

Kanye West’s master, Mike Pence, pledges his loyalty to ALEC: Limited Government, Free Market, Federalism — return of Jim Crow and/or slavery, and creators of “Stand Your Ground” law, which killed Trayvon Martin!

[JJ] FYI For Jim Jones – Black Fashion Designers:

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@peepso_user_7(Tamra Cronin)
*interesting, given many hip hip fails, including running to murderers and community stranglers (crack cocaine distribution) as role models. hopefully, it's a safe night for all, seriously.*


#wherewelive #hiphopfail
The block party is in celebration of the first anniversary of the “Smithsonian Anthology of Hip-Hop and Rap."
15 July 2022 4:13am
@peepso_user_7(Tamra Cronin)
# How does something like this happen?
Rest in peace, and prayers for their families.


#crime #homicide #whowelost #hiphop #music #wherewelive
Detroit police found the bodies of three men in the basement of an abandoned apartment complex as they searched for rappers Armani Kelly, Dante Wicker and Montoya Givens.
5 February 2023 12:29am

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