Celebrate The Life of Mr. Trayvon Martin


Celebrate The Life of Mr. Trayvon Martin

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Mr. Trayvon Martin was minding his own business, walking home from a convenience store, when a racist, cop assaulter, George Zimmerman, assumed that Mr. Martin had no business being in Zimmerman’s area. Mr. Martin’s 1st, 4th, 13th, and 14th Amendment rights were violated.

Zimmerman ignored the 9-1-1 dispatcher’s warning to not confront A CHILD WALKING HOME, and instead chased the child down, with intent to harm with his NRA-inferior intellect-brain (gun). Mr. Martin, not knowing why he was being assaulted, fought for his life, against a child predator with a gun, but was shot to death by Zimmerman.

While national Jim Crow benefactor-NRA members applauded the shooting and murder of Trayvon Martin, Florida Jim Crow benefactors staged a trial on behalf of child predator, George Zimmerman, resulting in obvious acquittal. Even more shocking, is that the sitting US Attorney General, Eric Holder, did not bring civil rights violation charges against Zimmerman. However, it is not shocking that the state Attorney General for Florida, a white supremacist, who aided and abetted the crimes of #badgradestrump, Pam Bondi, did not bring civil rights violation charges against Zimmerman. Zimmerman was allowed to become Mr. Martin’s judge, juror and executioner, for a crime not committed.

We will never know what would have become of Mr. Martin, as his life was cut short because of white supremacist-ALEC “Stand Your Ground” legislation, legislation supported by #badgradestrump, Pam Bondi, Mike and Greg Pence, and every other Jim Crow benefactor-legislator.

In Honor of Trayvon Martin… and in Trayvon Martin’s name:

Sponsor an impoverished child heading off to college. Help pay tuition and/or expenses.

Sponsor a learning workshop for an impoverished student or students. Coding or business plan preparation classes would be preferred. 😊 Help stimulate their mind, setting them on a path of innovation, which benefits all.

Sponsor an impoverished child with pilot classes. Trayvon Martin aspired to be a pilot, to soar above. His dream was killed, literally.

Vote for a #gunsense and/or pro-civil rights legislator, who won’t enable future predatory, psychopath murders, such as George Zimmerman, who serve no purpose other than to kill the dreams of others.

If it’s safe, ask a family member of someone whose child was gunned down senselessly, what you can do to honor their loved one’s memory. Let them know, their loved one has not been forgotten.

Mr. Trayvon Martin, aviator.

Mr. Trayvon Martin
February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012
Rest In Power 🕯✊🏽

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