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Remembering On This Day: Brown vs. Board of Education

17 May 2021

May 17, 1954: Brown vs. Board of Education decided.

One black woman, Linda Brown, persisted against bigotry and injustice, after being denied the right to attend the school of her choice in Topeka, Kansas.

The irony is bigots believed they were being smart by denying education to anyone. A smarter society is a better society.  But now we know that ignorance and white supremacy are the primary courses taught at “no blacks allowed” schools.

We still have a long way to go as Jim Crow benefactors have defunded public schools in majority African-American neighborhoods, criminalized attending better funded white public schools, and created a public school utopia in majority white areas. Perfect example: Naperville, Illinois vs. Chicago, Illinois.

In honor of Linda Brown’s courage, strength and intelligence…

Do something to encourage better education in urban and impoverished areas, specifically targeted for defunding by Jim Crow benefactors. Organize workshops focusing on STEM, arts and innovation, no matter what the student’s academic level is. Encourage thought, freedom of ideas, as we never know where the next great invention will originate from. Think about ways that impoverished students, disenfranchised via public school defunding, can be taught collectively, to enhance their learning, while creating a positive path forward for their future.

Help students in impoverished areas arrive safely to and from school, ensure there are meals for them (breakfast and lunch) with fresh fruit or vegan snacks available throughout the day. A healthy mind is a thriving mind.

BE THE VILLAGE, we now need to be more than ever.



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