GOP Fax Numbers

Let GOP hear you!! Remind GOP they work for the people, not for a sadistic dictator who has zero morality, ethics or even a conscience!!

Faxes create more accountability as there will be a written record of your communication. No fax machine required to fax. You can use an online service such as,,, or any other similar service.

Via fax, here are some important questions to ask the supposed “fiscal responsibility” party:

1. How many outsourced jobs have returned since #TaxCutsAndJobsAct?

2. Do you understand that tax cuts equals revenue loss, and that tax cuts for wealthy equals huge revenue loss?

3. Why are you constantly borrowing from Social Security if it’s such a problem or drain on the “congressional wallet”?

4. Why do you keep calling Social Security an “entitlement”, which is false because it’s paid INTO, funded FIRST unlike tax cuts for wealthy (revenue loss) or WARSSSSSS (an expense).