Women’s Rights

Without #HERSTORY, There Would Be NO HISTORY!

Working FOR US and not against us (latest Links), and News & Other Info (below). This page is updated weekly, stop by again for new information.

Got Block Chain Questions?

Learn while helping #BlackGirlsCode.

Join A Local NOW Chapter

National Organization For Women (NOW) is actively involved in legislation for women and equality!

Join A Local NOW Chapter. Whether you're male or female, JOIN!! NOW has montly activism night, events in your local area to participate in, and continually helps write state and national legislation on behalf of women and equality and to help stop human trafficking and does so with your direct input and help. Visit www.now.org for more info!
This category is under Government category because certain lawmakers and their lobbyists/donors can't seem to stop jumping into uteri, while claiming to be #prolife. Yet, same lawmakers limit pay and rights of women which would allow women, AND THEIR BORN, to live their lives to the fullest potential, and while POVERTY is the #1 child killer worldwide.
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