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GOP members have synchronized complaining about consumers paying more, while falsely stating that everyone’s paying more, all while blaming Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats. Every single Election 2022-GOP candidate discusses costs for consumers, while the same candidates receive millions in PAC money, making each candidate very comfortable, whether candidate wins or loses.

Meanwhile, who’s not complaining personally about their own consumer pricing and costs? #TaxCutsAndJobsAct-benefactors AND GOP candidates! They’re very comfortable financially, after GOP claimed that wealthy tax cuts would make everything wonderful, tremendous for all! Trickle down economics is a myth, as evident by massive deficit at the end of #badgradestrump’s term. Working and middle class are paying more to offset revenue losing tax cuts for rich, while infrastructure crumbles across nation!

GOP candidates also complain about crime, but no gun manufacturers exist in high-crime neighborhoods or areas where guns are trafficked from (GOP states), nor are high-crime areas profiting millions from gun lobbyists or NRA memberships. GOP actually ☺️ smiles 😊 with every gun crime, because more persons run out and buy guns, or MORE guns, which increases the wealthy of gun lobbyists, manufacturers and distributors. There was no GOP incentive to legislate against the AR-15, lied into the state of Connecticut, before and after Sandy Hook, because GOP profits from each and every gun manufactured, sold and promoted.

Stock soar with high-crime:

Gun rights groups set new lobbying spending record in 2021:

The gun lobby: See how much your representative gets ➡️ /

Six degrees of fake pro-police camaraderie:

  1. State police support Lee Zeldin, because of their outrage over the prosecution of officer related to death of driver.
  2. Lee Zeldin supports and stands with Eric Adams.
  3. Eric Adams fully stands with and supports pro-cop shooter, Shams Da Baron a/k/a Ramone Buford, the family and BFF of notorious #NYPD cop shooter. Shams testified on behalf of Larry Davis and the beneficiary of Larry Davis’ Sullivan Correctional Facility prison-rape extortion ring, along w/ Shams’ brother, Rahiem Buford/Shabazz, NYState 95B0520. The Bufords still promote and praise Larry Davis.

#Election2022 #LEUnions #crime #publicsafety #Shirley #LongIsland #PBANYS


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#Election2020 #BidenHarris2020 #TaxCutsAndJobsAct

A Cedar Park, Texas resident has confirmed, to one of our members, the crumbling infrastructure of his majority white and CONSERVATIVE, GOP represented area.

Remember this when you hear fake GOP rhetoric about Democrat run cities.

Person actually created account to insult someone being viciously attacked, about demographics of region, but person only confirmed crumbling infrastructure under John Cornyn, Ted Cruz and John Carter.

#MJForTexas #ProjectLincoln #MeidasTouch #TheDemocrats

⬇️ Click Below To View Gallery of GOP Representation Failure ⬇️

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🤔 🧩 🎥 Picture Lindsey Graham in a powder-red petticoat and pink umbrella, and an umbrella w/a photo of Nathan Bedford Forrest…

Yeah, THAT kind of bad. Whatever #badgradestrump has on Lady Graham, must be bad.

  1. Graham has never married.
  2. Graham is never with a woman. (Neither is Tim Scott. Hmmm… 🤣)
  3. Graham is in a confederate-Dixiecrat state with a large number of kkk groups, and a state shaped by white supremacist psychopath John Calhoun, pedophile James Henry Hammond, and Sons of confederate Vets-Strom “rapist” Thurmond, no less.
  4. Graham is in the state where confederates fired “first shot,” in response to abolitionist John Brown opening a can-o-whup ass on Southern states, states too stupid to do anything else except #slavery, while calling themselves Christians and superior to others. John Brown said, “wait, what, Christian? Superior? Yea, we’ll see about that.”

What ELSE would/could Lady Graham do, in a confederate-stronghold state, except… (read more…)

#maddow #j6 #january6thcommitteehearings #RecordsAct #domesticterrorism #jimcrowbenefactors #crime #Election2022 #Election2024

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Again, the best thing requires ethics.

Liz Cheney voted for GOP’s voter suppression, stood with #badgradestrump‘s extremist appointees and legislation, didn’t blink an eye at children in cages or dead bodies laying at borders nor in classrooms. Liz Cheney confirmed she was all in with whatever #badgradestrump wanted.

The moment #badgradestrump made Liz Cheney fear someone other than her father, AND her once-powerful father couldn’t do anything to protect her, Liz Cheney became a regular, taxpayer struggling to cope: helpless, powerless and voiceless, with not one elected official to help her be safe. 😐 Liz Cheney helped create #badgradestrump, the same way her father created Osama bin Laden (used Afghanistan to defeat Russia), who then turned against Dick Cheney after lack of loyalty (September 11, 2001). Trump stood/stands with Russia/Putin.

#crime #Election2022 #FDT

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🤨 #Ohio‘s hillbilly, JD Vance, need a large d*ck up his a**, forcefully, without consent, to understand the word “inconvenience,” and how to use “inconvenience” in a sentence, going forth. 😐

OurWHIRL said what we said above, without apology…

Vance’s words are just unbelievable. What Vance is championing (conception via rape) is slavery. 😑 Vance’s words are just talk for votes from sick persons, because Vance would immediately seek to obtain an abortion for any white female family member of his, especially if the child is raped by someone black/non-white. Vance also supports funding for Israel, demands Israel’s funding as priority, while Israel offers abortion on demand, as part of #healthcare, and without apology.

#RoeVWade #prochoice #womenrights #abortionondemand #abortionwithoutapology #Election2022 #USSenate

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Streets and buildings will be named after Megan Rapinoe and Simone Biles, while prison walls and #badgradestrump‘s cabinet indictments will be riddled with Jim Crow benefactor Jenna Ellis’ name.

#insurrectionists #jimcrowbenefactors #inferiorintellect #domesticterrorism #CapitolSiege #january6thCommitteeHearings #j6

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#TaxCutsAndJobsAct comedy that writes itself: GOP-RNC Research’s John Cornyn in 2007

Cornyn in 2021:

If the hypocrisy of GOP turned a profit, there would be no deficit – see a pattern, Cornyn’s fake-concerned when a Democrat POTUS in office. 🤨

Cornyn’s office also won’t provide any numbers on #TaxCutsAndJobsAct, which he claimed would be tremendous. We still need number of jobs returned from overseas, wage increases across the board (to afford gas or milk), or worker safety nets created, given record CEO/corporate profits.

#fiscalclowns #jobs #economy #COVID19

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White supremacy irony: David Duke was federally indicted and convicted, for stealing from the klan and other white supremacists. GOP has turned selling lies and fraud, to its mostly white supremacist base, into a profitable industry.

#TaxCutsAndJobsAct adds to #badgradestrump and GOP’s profit margin, while poor, middle class whites, look to loud-mouth grifters as their “saviors,” all while much-needed revenue is drained from their city daily. (US Constitution, Article 1: Section 8)

#badgradestrump and Alex Jones are sitting in luxury properties, and will be wealthy for generations. Persons who donate to either, are hoping for the next “great” white supremacist, as their last hope. The fleecing begins. Hatriots will spend money on hate, but won’t spend a dime on #infrastructure improvements and innovation (to prevent flooding, fires, or economic collapse 😐), or #education and #healthcare for all, nor spend a dime to eradicate #poverty (including among their own)… read more…

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#ICYMI: Mike Pence is possibly running for POTUS. Let’s not forget his pro-kkk voting record, and why #badgradestrump chose him as his white nationalist running mate.

It’s shocking that Pence didn’t stand with #badgradestrump to overturn 2020’s POTUS election, as with #badgradestrump, Pence could have created all things extremist and white supremacy, that Pence voted on behalf of for decades. We guess Pence stops at breaking the law to get what he wants, versus #badgradestrump, who consistently breaks the law to get whatever he wants, regardless of who is harmed. ➡️ “Hang Mike Pence.”

But it’s more shocking that millions of Americans did not view Mike Pence’s extremist voting record as a member of US Congress, a voting record currently sealed.

However, to see how vile Pence was as a member of US Congress, simply view Steve King’s (Iowa) voting record, as Pence legislated with King and “pray away the gay”-Michele Bachmann, exclusively.

Mike Pence’s US Congressional voting record and… Read more

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Voter fraud that you’ll never hear Fox News a/k/a GOP screaming about.

This is beyond dangerous and scary, especially as poor, black persons are being targeted. And if persons didn’t know that their political party status had switched, without their consent, then voted in the closed primary, persons would be charged with a crime, by the same GOP persons who do not want them to vote. This is an assault on our democracy, and the equivalent of an internal act of war against our nation.

We do hope persons are prosecuted and held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

#ValDemings #votersuppression #votingrights #civilrights #crime #FloridaMan #FDT #ElectionFraud

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Critical Race Theory and its top objector, Jim Crow benefactor entity, Thomas W. Smith Foundation’s James Piereson, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

Piereson, and his “yes men”, a requirement to be around Jim Crow benefactor Piereson, have enjoyed the “perks” of Jim Crow and white supremacy. Piereson and his followers do not want historical truth disclosed, to understand their perpetual role in #6thAmendment, #13thAmendment and #14thAmendment violations, while at the same time, Piereson and his lemmings want to regulate what non-whites and women do. How Jim Crow benefactor of them!

#civilrights #equalrights #votingrights #womensrights #CRT #education #history #popularinfo

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Follow the money trail AND the loyalty of those who work to vote against you!

Jim Crow benefactor Jim Banks lays out his #hatriotism plan. GOP, the party of #capitalism, has now decided that corporations, who don’t display nazi-like loyalty to GOP, are the problem. GOP refuses to acknowledge non-whites and pro-democracy citizens and policies of our nation, while also attempting to regulate the hell out of non-whites and pro-democracy citizens disliked.

A website set up by Banks, Working Class GOP, highlights a Tucker Carlson segment where Carlson praises Banks for calling for the party to distance itself from corporate America.

Banks’ campaign finance filings, however, tell a different story. FEC data compiled by End Citizens United and provided to Popular Information, show that, since authoring the memo, Banks has accepted $49,000 from corporate PACs.

Since April 1, Banks has received corporate PAC money from L3Harris Technologies ($10,000), BAE Systems ($5,000), Lockheed Martin ($2,000), General Dynamics ($2,000), Booz Allen Hamilton ($1,000), and Duke Energy ($1000), among others.

#nationalsecurity #domesticterrorism #CapitolSiege #j6 #jan62021 #popularinfo #votingrights #civilrights #14thAmendment #6thAmendment #jimcrowbenefactors

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#WillSmith #Amend: The Fight For America S1:E3 #14thAmendment #6thAmendment #BlackLivesMatter

YES, Brittany Packnett Cunningham, there is a form of acceptable protest: STOP FUNDING THE PROBLEM.

Systemic racists won’t hear you as long as you’re continually handing your money to them. And this can be a HURRIED PROTEST!

It’s not us who should be asking systemic racists what we should do, or how to protest! We have the tools to do what we need, economically, educationally and morally. And as Brother Malcolm X has stated repeatedly: build our own and see who needs whom! We have our doctors, lawyers, educators, scientists, construction crews, engineers, humanitarians, pilots, farmers and more.

THAT, right there, is ONE powerful foundation, which needs no permission from inferior intellect persons, whose only commodity is racism with a false sense of superior intellect.

Superiority is the ability to adapt among all, AND with all, FOR ALL. The air is the same. Tainted air and water travels to ALL, destroys all.

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This explains a LOT: the district #Marjorie Taylor Greene represents is one of the most racist and under-educated areas of #Georgia.’s_14th_Congressional_District

Race: 85.3% White, 9.8% Black, 0.7% Asian, 0.4% Native American
#Unemployment: 12.6%
Median household income: $42,700
High school graduation rate: 79.1%
College graduation rate: 16.6%

Under-educated, blue collar workers, who barely finished high school, and live by fear and hand-fed information alone! They’re all Candace Owens-Farmer’s masters, her superiors, that she caters and grovels to.


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What has GOP done for us lately, besides gaslight, obstruct and project?!
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> ### newsflash for #ClivenBundy: HIGHEST welfare use, govt assistance in U.S: Owsley County, Kentucky, 99% WHITE, 95% @GOP w/wealthy McConnell

And as the bad grades guy pretends to "like" black people, not one blacks for the bad grades guy can name one black CFO nor CEO of any #badgradestrump company! And Ben Carson assigned to public housing doesn't count, because the bad grades guy doesn't own public housing, while he assumes that all "the blacks" live in public housing, OR should be, given his history of #racism and #discrimination against "the blacks"!

Nor can can blacks for the bad grades guy answer any information regarding outsourced jobs returned with their master's wealthy tax cuts since 2017!
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Challenge issued for negroes for #impeachedtrump. If they want my black vote, here's what I need to see from them:   #blacksfortrump #blackvoicesfortrump #blexit #walkaway, I'm a prolific voter. You've got my vote if you can show me a PROFITABLE RED STATE w/ 0 poverty, 0 confederate memorabilia/racism, 100% equality w/ adherence to US Constitution…
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# Well, he is called "the bad grades guy" for a reason!
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Donald Trump on Saturday stumbled through parts of his largely hostile speech for the Libertarian National Convention in Washington, D.C., prompting some mockery. Trump over the weekend treaded into enemy waters as he sought the nomination of the Libertarian Party or at least the votes of its mem...
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