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This is one of the main reasons this site was created: know whom you’re buying from so that you know your money isn’t supporting someone or a cause that votes against you and/or your well-being.

And we also love this store. Each and every item is a must have, wish-list item. And we love our wall-mount wine glass rack purchased from Kitchening — it’s beautiful, no shelf nor cabinet was needed, it easily mounted to wall anywhere we wanted it to be, it immediately accented our kitchen while safely holding not only our variety of wine and soda fountain glasses, but our wine bottles as well.

Even better, the owner of the store IS the kind of person this nation needs on its side and who is helping our nation move forward, TOGETHER by not standing on the side of hate, not being afraid to stand up to hate and always advocating for the human rights and well-being of all.

Stop by and be sure to tell them® referred you. You’ll find lots of wonderful, unique, must-have and amazing items for your household, including household items for your fur babies (dogs, cats), or even gifts for others.

These pics below don’t do the store justice, but give you an idea of how great the store is.

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