River Jordan and how it relates to Deuteronmy 28

Our misguided, bitter, angry and war-hungry world

It’s been thousands of years of warssss; poverty; famine; greed; racism; taxpayer-funded bigotry (worldwide); domestic terrorism; diseases; rapes – including of children; public corruption with pride; destruction of air, lands, waters, wildlife and ecosystems; and ignorance promoted as the standard. “Conquerors” and “colonizers” will have nothing left, when, whatever their impossible, unattainable goal is, is accomplished.

But “Christians” are just ignoring it all, waiting for Christ to return. Yeah, give it another few thousand years of the same, maybe Christ will appear, if we’re still here. Meanwhile, other religions are simply following their doctrine, doing as they please, while legislating against humanity.

And now, there are major conflicts in Israel/Palestine, and via Russia’s conflicts everywhere, including through “Hamas.”

Ukraine, a nation which has caused zero conflicts ANYWHERE, is in a vicious fight for its life, against pure evil, Vladimir Putin, who will not stop at Ukraine. Putin wants all of Europe, AND beyond. Putin almost has US, and will have it if badgradestrump is re-elected.

David Duke has taken his crusade against Jews and non-Europeans to Russia, which he now sees as “the key to white survival.”


The Balfour Act-Israel conflict is equivalent to South Africa’s apartheid, with world leaders cheering on and aiding and abetting the displacement of families and land expansions for comfort and greed.

Actual Palestinians born in Israel, cannot claim birthright to their own homeland.

Christians, worldwide, especially white christians, applaud Israel bombing an area which does not have a military, and cheer as dead bodies of children pile up. If Israel was all brown and black, while bombing white Palestinians, the cheers would have never began. And there is an obvious bigoted reason for that. Deuteronomy 28 is one explanation – past and current generations, bywords of all nations, ignored, maligned, disregarded by all nations. Persons “maligned,” “disregarded,” “ignored” by all nations, do not own a powerful military with world leaders supporting their expansions for more real estate and comforts, while dominating banking, trade, world media, and legislation. Persons disregarded were scattered south and west, beyond the rivers of Jordan. Gee, what is SOUTH and WEST beyond the rivers of Jordan? And what has happened, and IS happening now, to areas, south and west beyond the rivers of Jordan?

Christians also believe they must stand with Israel, automatically, because they believe Christ is Jewish. Ashkenazi is an ethnicity, like African, Japanese, Mexican. Sons of Gomer (Genesis 10:2) is an ethnicity. Jewish is NOT an ethnicity, but that fallacy has become “normalized” like Goebbels and MAGA propaganda. Judaism is an organized religion – Spanish Jews, German Jews, Black Jews, and Russian Jews, which is redundant because of the DNA origin of Ashkenazihttps://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-ashkenazi-jews-dna-diseases-20140909-story.html. Hebrew is also an ethnicity, the ethnicity of Moses, whose wife was Ethiopian, which is black all day long. The final sign, which forced Phara

Other “christians” believe they must stand with Israel, because white faces are bombing, killing, displacing brown faces at will. If races/ethnicity reversed, which side would organized religion “christians,” especially white christians, stand with?

BORN children, however, do not know race, nor hate. They are the daily collateral damage, the future, being traumatized, if not destroyed daily. Hate comes from trauma and forced ideology. Love and healing comes from, through and with Christ – love and empathy for all. And fear is not from “christians” clutched-bible’s God – 2 Timothy 1:7.

Christians’ man-made bible was created by King James, to impress a woman. Words were changed or removed altogether. Persons actually believe “thus,” “thou” and “verily” were the Aramaic words of Christ. And see the misconception problem here: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aramaic_language. “Thus,” “thou,” and “verily” are the result of UK-writers changing doctrine. “Jesus” is not even Christ’s name. The letter “j” did not exist in the time of Christ. “Jesus” is actually a Greek translation, with “us” meaning one of many Gods, which technically would be offensive to God and the FIRST Commandment! But science with geography and ideology are two different ballparks – one for facts, artifacts, and one for whatever you choose to believe.

A man-made bible was used to create foreign policy for Israel, with assumption that Christ was “Jewish.” This belief was supported heavily by Woodrow Wilson, a southern baptist, white supremacist. Just one problem, show me where, in original doctrine, where Christ stated he was Jewish? Christ did not state he was something he was not. Christ was not even accepted for who he was, but somehow, he’s accepted, by white supremacists, baptists and christians, as part of an entire religion and region not associated with him, Judaism. Show me a Jewish place of worship with images and the teachings of Christ, exclusively. Please, I’d love to see that. 🤔

White supremacists promote a European image of Christ, who was born to middle east parents, oh, I’m sorry, a middle east parent, impregnated, without sex, by God, a “white man.” 😐 DNA exists in all humans. Geography, meanwhile, exists everywhere and cannot be changed – we cannot move Japan to Africa, and then state Japanese are now “Africans” and the owners and policy makers of the land/region relocated to, with existing inhabitants. Foreign policy may place occupants of one region into another, but that doesn’t change the original geography, but does change and impact its existing inhabitants.

The persons in both Israel and Palestine regions now, are NOT the original occupants.

The original occupants have been scattered worldwide for generations. The current occupants are migrants from Europe, Egypt, and other areas. Enter the new apartheid: new settlers move in, colonize, while creating havoc for existing inhabitants. CONFLICT.

GOP and world leaders complain about invasions of human beings fleeing their war torn and climate change ravaged regions, climate change caused by greed (palm oil, land developments), pollution of air and waters, and severe neglect. Meanwhile, what is in GOP’s clutched-bibles:

GOP and world leaders want and command secure borders, yet, Israel has ignored its original Balfour Act borders, as well as peace agreements for decades, because, “we need more land for housing.”

Those calling for peace in the middle east are mocked, scoffed, punished, “maligned,” and “disregarded,” same as those calling for equality and fair wages and basic housing. Many of those calling for an all out Israeli-military assault and conflict, including after Balfour Act’s Israel attacked our own nation’s military, call themselves, “pro-life”, while not caring about BORN children on either side of the man-made conflict. Marjorie Taylor-Greene delights at the idea of all brown persons bombed to death. Greene doesn’t even want to see brown faces in our government, unless those brown faces bow to and placate her.

Meanwhile, what publicly corrupt Netanyahu has done and is still doing, is the exact same thing that Hitler’s nazis did, when invading Poland and other areas, one of the causes of World War II. Netanyahu has savored for all of the West Bank territories for decades. Netanyahu has seen Gaza as his “Beverly Hills” of real estate. Right now, Netanyahu’s ground assault is “ground-breaking” for new developments, because more space is needed for Balfour Act’s Israel.

Meanwhile, WHO is Hamas? Who conveniently attacked, just as Israel’s acclaimed “iron dome” was down? That is too much of a coincidence, with zero regard for human suffering. What would have been Hamas’ reason for attacking Israel? Hamas is also an unknown group. There’s no office, city, nor government of Hamas. Yet, all of Palestine and/or Gaza is being characterized as “Hamas,” which is like saying, “all white persons represent kkk.”

World leaders have become more greedy, complacent and apathetic to human suffering.

What is the end goal, as the world’s infrastructure and ecosystem changes daily?

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