Twitter’s Biff’s, and I’m all outta F’s to give! (TC)

Twitter went from “#tcot” (top conservatives on Twitter), “#tlot” (top libertarians on Twitter, but more like DO AS I SAY, libertarians), since 2008, to #kek (white supremacists) to “#maga”, with Adam S. Baldwin & Kurt Schlichter leading the dumbed-down way. What’s next for Jack’s platform? And how is our nation/world bettered, especially given climate change and infrastructure neglect?

If you EVER want to know who the super-uber white supremacists are on Twitter, who ironically think they’re better kkk, it’s persons who refuse to divulge WHEN/YEAR their family migrated to US during Jim Crow. They won’t admit to the “whites only” handout and zero competition arena created with tax dollars from non-whites, while thinking they’re so smart, and that their families accomplished so much, simply by showing up white!

Jack Dorsey has put these inferior intellect persons on full display. They think they’re so smart because they were NEVER challenged, & could make stupidest, sexist, racist statements to non-whites and women without challenge.

If challenged, it’s called “elitism” or “white liberalism”. Everyone else calls it “education”, something which is combated by today’s Strom Thurmond-GOP, as if education is a plague.

Jim Crow era-white supremacist migrants detest education, and especially Critical Race Theory a/k/a FACTS, because in their white-mind, they believe they’re the answer for everything. 🤨 Meanwhile, SUPERIORITY and INTELLIGENCE is ability to study all, live with all AND thrive. WE DID THAT BEFORE & WITHOUT WHITE SUPREMACISTS, AND THEIR TIME-WASTING NONSENSE!

Ask any Jim Crow era-white supremacist migrant/descendant about the history of our nation, they’ll always start with some dumb shit about Columbus or Revolutionary War W/ SLAVES! Ask them about Strom Thurmond, they’ll play dumb, oh wait, that’s not an act!

These are the SAME mofos who didn’t even know about Juneteenth, and had to be told about this significant history for AMERICANS, who are part of the fabric of this nation! They don’t care about plight of Native Americans, thus their karma, with infrastructure crumbling under their supremacy.

They gave us shit, relegated our Dr.’s, lawyers and educators to bus boys, porters, maids, and scapegoats for their failures (thefts, rapes). We gave them SHOES, SCIENCE, FOOD, SUSTENANCE, MUSIC, DANCE, and even COMPASSION after all their hatriotism.

We will be alright, regardless!

Now, we have to teach these mofos about “conscience”, but not for long, because we DON’T need Biff’s! Either they get on board for ALL humanity, or stay their asses behind, relegated to holes, masturbating to their guns and flags, while beating their women!

And we don’t have time to wait and see how anti-Critical Race Theory-Jim Crow benefactor migrants, who… surprise, are climate change deniers as well, shoot and bullshit their way out of this one. Warnings mean nothing to persons whose conscience applaud 6th-Amendment violations daily!

So either Biff’s start contributing well-being for all, to our nation, or those around them will suffer and perish from irresponsible and inferior intellect decisions. Climate change doesn’t mean that a paradise will be created for Jim Crow benefactors after non-white areas are destroyed! It means that our entire environment will become destructive for all to live, unless we take the innovative steps and corrective steps to resolve a MAN-MADE, IRRESPONSIBLE PROBLEM.

Biff’s never bothered to learn from Native Americans, because they were too busy stealing the same lands that Native Americans protected and preserved for all. Therefore, Biffs, since they’ve proven they cannot lead, unless it’s on behalf of white supremacy, need to get out of the way of progress, and allow those who actually know what they’re doing, to lead the way.

About the author: Tamra Cronin

Official Stalker and Terrorizer of Cop Killers, Organized Criminals, White Collar Criminals, and Rapists,... and Their Coverups!
Official docs to back up this PROUD badge of honor, with special thanks to US Atty-SDNY Michael Gordon for declaring that white collar frauds and organized criminals "be scared of me", more than him!


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