G7 countries should ban US GOP/Republican anti-abortion governors, legislators, and their lobbyists’ travel access to their countries

G7 countries need to ban US GOP Governors, and their extremist anti-abortion legislators and lobbyists, from travel to their country.

Jack Dorsey doesn’t want documentation of “obey n-gg-r obey” tweets to “The Blacks”

If it walks with white nationalists, talks like white nationalists, and verifies white nationalists, it is Jack Dorsey.

Michael Lyles and Chris Armstrong’s election #misinformation and ignorance

Every election, it’s always that one black person or group which does the work of Jim Crow Benefactors, on Jim Crow Benefactors’ network. This election year, Michael Lyles is one of those lawn jockeys.

Meet the superiors for Candace Owens’ #blexit #walkaway #blacksfortrump #blackvoicesfortrump

Meet the superiors for Candace Owens’ #blexit #walkaway #blacksfortrump #blackvoicesfortrump.

To Candace Owens, to her and for her beloved, Donald Trump

As a BLACK WOMAN voter, including MIDTERMS, let’s have a conversation about Candace Owens. First, “the blacks” have never been part of your conversation, but simply part of your Jim Crow Benefactor audacity, rhetoric and bias.

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