AVOID: White supremacists Andrew Torba (GAB) AND Doug Mastriano

GAB’s founder, Andrew Torba, isn’t even trying to hide his white identity nationalism. Well, we’re not trying to hide fuck you’s back to Torba and Doug Mastriano.

G7 countries should ban US GOP/Republican anti-abortion governors, legislators, and their lobbyists’ travel access to their countries

G7 countries need to ban US GOP Governors, and their extremist anti-abortion legislators and lobbyists, from travel to their country.

Stop the White Nationalist Gathering at Stone Mountain Park this Saturday, April 30

Cons, oops we mean Sons of confederate Vets are at it again! 🙄

Cons, oops, did it again, Sons of confederates Vets are the diehard white supremacists, who cannot accept their Civil War loss a/k/a epic beatdown. Cons oh wait, Sons of confederate Vets still believe that non-whites are not human beings and their property to own. 😳 Owning slaves was the sole cause of Civil War, all other issues were negotiated and resolved, with countless confederates keeping their land, creeps Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis included. Confederates refused to stop slavery, because they were, and still are, too stupid to do anything else. Confederates lack intelligence and comprehension, which keeps them stuck in 1699-1965 with their evil bastard child, kkk, and now today’s Sons of confederate Vets-Strom Thurmond-GOP.

Via Southern Poverty Law Center:

Stop the White Nationalist Gathering at Stone Mountain Park this Saturday, April 30

We still need your help to prevent white nationalists from commemorating the Confederacy’s legacy of slavery on public land. Call the number, 770-498-5611, to urge the Stone Mountain Memorial Association to cancel the April 30 event hosted by the Sons of Confederate Veterans and reject future events by any group that celebrates the Confederacy.

CALL 770-498-5611

(click link to call from mobile or compatible desktop app: https://support.splcenter.org/site/R?i=vNqlJJFikDGEI-Ph18PiH4tC75D7nr2MvRPXkhLCEKz4Y4Uygdbpww)

You can also contact the Stone Mountain Memorial Association Board at the email addresses listed below.

Chairman: Rev. Abraham Mosley: mosley5544@bellsouth.net

Chris Collier: CCollier@Ely-Corp.com

Jeff Crown: jeff.cown@dnr.ga.gov

Mayor Rey Martinez: rmartinez@loganville-ga.gov

Carolyn D. Meadows: cmeadows@nrahq.org

Christopher Sanders: csanders@eastmetrocid.com

Ray Stallings Smith, III: rsmith@smithliss.com

Mark Williams: mark.williams@gadnr.org
Thank you for being a voice for justice.


Your friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center

Did Hip Hop/Rap Artists Fail Us?

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