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This community site is for social networking (posts, videos, pics, chat, polls and more), and sharing of information by and for forward-thinking voters, to highlight forward-thinking individuals, businesses and services.

You agree to be a contributing member for sharing information, including about humor, travel, foodies, entertainment, and more. We encourage information about forward-thinking individuals and initiatives, green (environment, energy) ideas and information, businesses, organizations, events, education, science and technology, community leaders, humanitarians, and politicians.

We do not support white nationalists, confederates/kkk and the like, nor anyone who placates either. White supremacists and their internalized, placating racists are not welcome, nor fostered here in any way, shape or form. All that has fought against us IS NOT a voice for us. Nor will we allow elevating and promoting white nationalists, confederates, kkk, their internalized racists and similar, in any way whatsoever. We reserve the right to remove and or redact white nationalist content, while banning users posting content on behalf of white nationalists, confederates/kkk, and related. In what world does does everything that fights against our nation (treasonists, seditionists, neo-confederates, neo-nazis, and the like), to obstruct your BORN inalienable rights, become welcomed in your community?

We reserve the right to change these terms as the need arises, to ensure our focus is continually on having fun, supporting community (on and offline) and moving forward together and around regressive policies and persons. More on our Terms of Use.

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