Solar Charging Stations Which Can Be Installed Instantly In City Areas Without Construction

These solar charging stations will also benefit businesses and retail stores greatly. Employees can charge at work. More consumers can shop and charge at the same time, or dine or attend entertainment events and charge as well, which brings consumers out more for a variety of business and entertainment reasons.

This Solar-Powered EV Car Charger Doesn’t Need No Stinkin’ Grid

More information on EV Arc™ charging stations, especially since…

🗣 Tesla is not the only electric car option 👉🏻

#NYC does have green options for charging cars, including EV Arc™ parking stall option, as well as strategic charging spaces at malls and shopping districts, with large parking lots and areas: Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Fairway, Costco, Target, BJs, shopping malls, grocery stores, etc., which would bring more shoppers out to stores.

With more EV Arc™ charging options, including on corners of residential areas, more persons will drive with lesser cost to drive, while economy benefits from more consumers in retail areas.

#IKEA already has charging stations at its stores, but with city help, and large parking spaces areas, can have more, including at pick up parking areas.

Here are EV Arc™’s simplistic charging stations set up and options:


There are now no excuses for any major city, or even auto dealerships, to provide this type of instant solar charging service.

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