Tom #SteyerTownHall – #NeedToImpeach #NYC Feb 19, 2019

So one of our members attended Tom Steyer’s first NYC Need To Impeach Town Hall. Here’s her takeaway from the event:

1. Given this area is represented by Jerry Nadler, there should have been a lot more concerned folks present, especially given Trump was voted against 10-to-1 in NYC. I expected a crowd, but there wasn’t. Again, there’s that election and politics apathy, including from supposedly “woke” folks.

2. The wait-to-start-music was entertaining… So no boredom while waiting, plus persons enjoyed their complimentary snacks while awaiting start of event. Persons who attended weren’t rude, obnoxious or disruptive, nor trying to body slam someone, as is the case at Trumpian events.

3. After event started, or specifically the Q&A session, which I thought would focus on what we can do to help expedite getting Agent Orange out of the White House, folks just wanted to whine about Trump, a fraud, crook, racist and all around immoral person. This event wasn’t supposed to be a counseling session, but was turned into one.

4. I had my hand held first, was told I’d be the second to be allowed to ask my question, but was overlooked while one person after another was called upon and just whined and complained about Trump — Trump said this, Trump did this… WE KNOWWWWWW and can’t escape the daily ridiculous news about him while all else is falling down around him (infrastructure, education, our nation’s security, and our nation in general). The event also ended with persons still whining about a 24/7 fraud, Trump. Enough of the whining, we KNOW he’s a fraud, absolutely NOTHING Trump does is shocking but predictable. Instead, the focus should be: what is the plan — the REASON I attended Steyer’s Town Hall.

My questions/comments were about #CyberSecurity, #climatechange and infrastructure (especially since Tom Steyer has direct access to congressional members): is there any NEW pushback for a climate change emergency declaration and focus: I never got to ask that question NOR advise Tom Steyer that his site would be a Russian target and what cyber security steps he should take, steps we’ve taken decades ago, as we’re all original Silicon Valley members. For example, we’ve had Russia blocked for decades, especially since IP’s are allocated by country and easily identifiable by country. Why allow access to areas that have nothing to do with your entity, but only have cyber terrorism to bring to our internet table??

5. CNN “crashed” the event in the middle of the event. Erin Burnett wanted to interview Steyer. I felt like we were darkened props as Erin Burnett could have interviewed Mr. Steyer any other time, or personally featured him on her show. Take some pics of event, show those as intro to interview some other time. 🙄 But hey, I got to see a silhouette of myself in corner.

6. After the event, I asked an event staff member if there was a way to get questions answered. I was advised that Tom Steyer would exit on right of stage to interact with other and was directed to right area to wait. Steyer exited left 😐 and was hounded by same Trump-whiners with no solutions. So… since I couldn’t speak with Tom Steyer, I spoke with the closest thing, Tom’s brother on the right of stage. Tom’s brother, a constitutional lawyer, had no issues with US Constitution: Article 1, Section 8 vs. tax cuts for the wealthy (a revenue loss). He believed #TaxCutsAndJobsAct was a bad policy, but not serious. REALLY??!! Really???!! So infrastructure and innovation neglect, lack of cybersecurity funding while our utility companies AND government sites are under attack daily, and a real CLIMATE CHANGE threat aren’t enough to sound an alarm AGAIN, especially since the neglect contradicts US Constitution and Trump completely makes us all gravely unsafe?!!

7. Would I attend again? 🤔 Doubt I’d be invited again, and would only attend if the moderator, who was more excited about being back in her home town, requested that persons write their questions down prior to town hall beginning, then responsible, productive questions selected. I’m tired of hearing the complaints and whining about Trump. I just want to know what is and WHO is doing something to move forward around him, as there’s nothing we can do to change an unethical, dishonest and raised-racist person. Not even jail would curtail Trump. But moving forward around him, such that he becomes a nonexistent threat, like he was in NYC, well, when he wasn’t “birthering” through Fox News and defrauding our local areas. 😐

I also wanted to scream when, just before event ended, one of the same “I’m just here to whine about Trump, but have zero solutions” persons yelled out, “WE NEED TO MARCH!!”. I wanted to stand up and scream at that point, “WHY??!! So that after the march you can hit up your Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank or Chase bank account (bailed out banks) and buy something to eat from McDonald’s (opposes fair wages, workers’ rights and benefits, unions, and I’ve never seen an owner of a chain out protesting on behalf of either OR #climatechange, while I have seen owners hire undocumented persons to avoid taxes, fair wages and workers’ benefits)??!!.”

Pics from event:

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