Don’t let the media divide us???

I heard the sickest thing last night:

“Don’t let the media divide us.”

This was stated from a Jim Crow Benefactor trying to pull a mind fuck.

THE MEDIA didn’t/doesn’t deny housing, jobs, education and civil rights — systemic #racism. CONSERVATIVES DO.

The media didn’t lynch Emmett Till, Medgar Evers, Dr. King, JFK and other civil rights icons. CONFEDERATE AND/OR NAZI FLAG CARRYING AND BURNING CROSSES CONSERVATIVES DID, and cannot wait to commit more atrocious acts on our soil.

The media isn’t shooting/killing UNARMED NON-WHITES, then making up an excuse for it: she made a lane change; he was walking home; he had a counterfeit $20; he was jogging; she was home asleep when door kicked in by armed persons too stupid to check an address and occupancy, etc. etc. CONSERVATIVE, WHITE SUPREMACISTS ARE.

The media didn’t hunt down an unarmed child carrying a bag of Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea. A conservative, racist creep did.

The media didn’t kill John Crawford III, who was simply buying a toy for his child. A #6thAmendment violator did, and got away with MURDER.

The media didn’t kill Tamir Rice, who was simply playing with a toy gun. A 6th AND 14th Amendment civil rights violator did, and had more protection than a child playing with a toy gun in a PARK.

The media isn’t calling non-whites animals, savages, nggrs and more, every single day on social media. CONSERVATIVES ARE.

The media isn’t neglecting infrastructure, climate change and various other things, which make us ALL unsafe. CONSERVATIVES ARE.

The media isn’t targeting public education for non-whites. Betsy DeVos and other conservatives are.

The media didn’t start the birther nonsense. #badgradestrump did, and did it to rile up racists, who then carried the stupidest mofo on earth into White House.

We’re not watching the media commit egregious, inhumane acts, but ARE watching conservative, white nationalists REPEATEDLY violate the civil rights of others, while attempting to install a fake, white christian identity democracy.

And by media, I’m not referring to any pro-confederate, Jim Crow Benefactor media, such as Fox News, Breitbart, OANN and the like!!!!!

About the author: Tamra Cronin

Official Stalker and Terrorizer of Organized Criminals, White Collar Criminals, Cop Shooters/Killers, and Rapists ... and Their Coverups!
Official docs to back up this PROUD badge of honor, with special thanks to US Atty-SDNY Michael Gordon, for declaring that white collar frauds and organized criminals "be scared of me", more than him!


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