Is Twitter the first white nationalist commercial service?

*Via TM Cronin:*

With apartheid-South African Elon Musk’s official takeover of Twitter, on behalf of Jack Dorsey, Musk has confirmed all that has been known about Twitter for a decade.

1. White nationalist accounts WERE promoted by Dorsey, to be seen by all.

2. Blocked accounts of white supremacists were promoted during trending topics, OR promoted for their “big reveal.” For example, “Cernovich”, James O’Keefe and other white supremacists have been blocked for years, with Twitter preferences set to not show content from blocked accounts, during search (trending topics). There is nothing important that a white supremacist can say to me, except, “I apologize, I will stop legislating against the existence of others, I will stop the harmful and destructive ‘whites only’ policies, which have failed every single generation.”

Peep this video, and why O’Keefe was promoted by Twitter internally. / O’Keefe and his whacked Project Veritas wanted to expose something, and wanted all to see.

3. Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Kanye West, Jack Posobiec, and a host of white supremacists and internalized racists have been blocked in my Twitter privacy and security settings for years. Musk’s account is now promoted to ALL users (with blocked status) as an account to follow, and promoted in the same location where Posobiec and similar have been consistently promoted.

4. One of the most unethical and dishonest actions of Twitter is targeted harassment (terrorism) which Jack Dorsey was personally involved in through various “sock” accounts and with white supremacist groups defended daily by Dorsey since 2008. Targeted harassment led to discovering that Twitter staff retrieved phone contact and call log records from Twitter accounts. If your mobile number was connected to your Twitter account, Twitter staff easily retrieved the mobile’s contact records AND phone logs, especially for suspended accounts. Imagine what can be done to journalists, politicians and celebrities hated most by white supremacists running Twitter (Dorsey, Musk) and embedded within Twitter during 2016?

Celebrities and politicians helped “brand” Twitter as the “place to be.” Meanwhile, Twitter has engaged in UNETHICAL and dishonest practices of Twitter, with a notice of their unethical and dishonest practices sent to Twitter via certified letter years ago.

Here’s why Twitter is dangerous, and should be treated as a threat to any society. ↔️ The counter narrative WAS Jim Crow AND apartheid, with white conservatives killing and maiming, and destroying entire towns for bigotry and oppression, while ignoring US Constitution and Declaration of Independence. What’s angering conservatives today? The idea of equal rights for others which creates diversity, which scares toxic insurrectionists and Jim Crow benefactors, who are outnumbered.

When Jim Crow benefactor families arrived to US, Marjorie Taylor Greene-types could literally have someone lynched for different speech, or for NOT embracing her ignorance. Now, because of the expansion of civil rights BORN WITH, but suppressed until a SCOTUS ruling confirms inalienable rights cannot be legislated against, Jim Crow benefactors want their speech defined into laws and championed on Twitter: anti-critical race theory, anti-#LGBTQ, anti-voting rights (voter suppression bills), anti-equality, anti-equal pay, anti-worker rights, anti-brown migrants, anti-education (because the dumber you are, the easier you’ll fall for ignorant fear-based rhetoric and fear of other HUMAN BEINGS who simply want the right to exist), anti-infrastructure, and anti-healthcare for poor and non-whites.

Sons of confederate Vets-Strom Thurmond-GOP want constituents at their mercy, while expecting ALL of their constituents to not want choice, but simply to desire to be like them, which gives GOP (the minority) more power. Many constituents do not know that GOP’s 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act legislation is actually white supremacy-based legislation, intended to drain resources from poorer, non-white areas. Public safety options are disappearing daily, while wealth and prosperity are going in one direction. Or pro-Tax Cuts and Jobs Act proponents do know how harmful the legislation is, as others hated are being left behind or killed off daily. But give GOP constituents the belief that they’re better than others, and they’ll stand behind and fund white nationalist politicians, while their infrastructure crumbles around them.

Nothing in the US Constitution or Declaration of Independence that says all must follow social and cultural rules of conservatives. But instead, it is stated that each person is BORN with inalienable rights that cannot be voted/legislated against because of WHO they are! THUS, equality must exist and be enforced!

And conservatives have so much to say about pro-life and SCOTUS, but Constitution and Declaration of Independence apply to BORN! You cannot obtain a life insurance for UNBORN, even at 7-9 months. Anti-LGBTQ+ laws also contradict Roe V. Wade: one type of life should be legislated out of existence, while forcing 1+ to exist or die for unborn.

GOP: Let the mother die, but do not abort that baby.

GOP to born: once born, if gay, poor, non-white, you do not or should not exist in their world, ON NATIVE AMERICAN SOIL. The only option is to obey Jim Crow benefactors, to accept what hatriots think is best, vs. US CONSTITUTION.

Musk-types always complain about speech of others different from conservatives and hatriots, as too dominant. Speech from others is not dominant, it is just more & more OTHER nationalities, which fought hard for right to even live, ARE NOW COMMUNICATING PUBLICLY, and together – Twitter irony, given a white nationalist created social media platform. Sorry if hatriots are outnumbered, that is not our BORN fault!

Many nationalities, especially children, are seeing other areas for the first time online, seeing how others live, and asking why certain policies are allowed, while leaders live comfortably with zero regard for future of all. Many nationalities are seeing others and saying, “wow, they’re beautiful persons who matter.” Acceptance of others for who they are and not hating others because of race or social status scares white supremacists, who teach daily that others are coming to take what we have worked for. What was worked for? Jim Crow, slavery, apartheid, failed infrastructure, and lots of savage guns?

Hatriots NEVER EVER complain about speech of kkk, white nationalists, pro-apartheid. Why? Because their views are the same, while one is just more out front with, “hey I’m seeing too many brown people, and they are not obeying me as I want them to, or I don’t want them near me.

Free speech doesn’t mean forcing others to embrace white nationalism or conservatives. It means persons can say what they desire, however others CANNOT be forced to listen, if uninterested. Nor does “free speech” mean that a hateful minority of bigots can legislate or advocate against others, including to harm or malign. If Marjorie Taylor Greene and conservatives can leave kkk alone, don’t regulate kkk, while claiming to not be racist, then do the same for all.

Same applies to the “can’t wait to correct a Negro folks”: if you are not correcting kkk, neo-nazis about anti-semitism, don’t run to persons like Kyrie Irving until you have had a full-dialog to seek facts first. Start with kkk/white nationalists to root out anti-semitism.

And for Jack Dorsey: bomb or death threat, or being target harassed by white supremacists to embrace supremacy isn’t free speech, it’s terrorism, Charlottesville included. If I was DOJ official, I would have charged Dorsey for explicit incitement of riots, as Dorsey ignored AND defended extremists with all of his white nationalist heart.

Dorsey even went on to verify Jason Kessler after persons were called n*gg*r, b*tch, told to die (especially if liberal), etc., ON HIS PLATFORM, and Dorsey verified Kessler after reports of literal threats from Kessler’s account. That’s literally the opposite of free speech, with Dorsey lighting match or flame thrower after watching Kessler pour gasoline from atop the same car which killed Heather Heyer!

Dorsey also has a personal problem with use of “white trash” on Twitter. “White trash” is banned, but calling someone nggr, bitch, cunt, and told to die is okay on Twitter. Why? Because white trash are part of Dorsey and Musk’s inferior intellect army. They’re the ones willing to carry a lit torch through streets of Charlottesville, storm our nation’s Capitol building, OR go out and kill liberals fighting for equality for all.

Look at all of GOP’s laws and restrictive bills in progress against civil and voting rights for non-conservatives, and against accurate education of history (critical race theory). GOP laws and restrictive bills are in response to their racist, hatriot members’ constant whining about diversity and facts:

hey I’m seeing too many brown or gay people, they are not obeying me as I want them to, or I don’t want them near me.

Enter out front clowns like bad-grades-Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, or Doug Mastriano to advocate for white supremacy/Jim Crow benefactors.

The list of pro-white supremacy policies and incidents on and surrounding Twitter have been endless for decades. If Twitter was run by honest and ethical persons, no white nationalist riot or insurrection would have been organized or tolerated on Twitter for decades.

Twitter was created by white nationalists, Jack Dorsey included, to stir up and accelerate their coveted race war. But, what happens to Candace Owens, Wayne Dupree, Diamond and Silk, Larry Elder and other internalized racists during and after race war? Who claims either internalized racist? Because it won’t be #BlackTwitter or “The Cookout.”

The other flaw in Dorsey, Musk and other Jim Crow benefactors’ misguided “culture war” rhetoric and race war agenda for profit: “the blacks” (internalized racists) on their team, who will always stand by and placate and excuse white nationalists. Internalized racists will recruit other internalized racists and low self-esteem persons. So do internalized racists stand on the sidelines during a race war, or fight for their masters, then become their masters’ property? How in TF does that work given the mentality of Jim Crow benefactors – obey them at all times or face consequences? Jim Crow benefactors notoriously place an ignorant black person out front, to placate their words. So again, what happens during a race war? “The blacks” for bad-grades-Trump and Sons of confederate Vets-Strom Thurmond-GOP stand around and repeatedly say that there’s no racial problem, while everyone else goes on about their day? 🤔

However, none of this will matter in a few years.

Today’s children are sick and tired of the hate, while discovering parts of the world they’ve never seen, thanks to technology. This includes children from extreme impoverished areas, or communist, dictator-governed areas, who see others eating (meal pics shared), legislating against or complaining about fresh vegetables and healthier eating choices for children, and even playing games with food (egg drop tests, Easter Egg games, hunting animals for trophies, and pardoning of turkeys), while their bellies burn for food.

Today’s children in US have literally gone through severe trauma with each school shooting, whether directly a survivor or witnessing the events play out online. Majority of children think it’s “weird” or “uncool” to hate others. Children do not like to see other children harmed. Today’s children have been bullied for being different, THEN when told you’re not different, this is how you were born to be, the GOP adults in the room are now legislating against their existence, while GOP hands out guns, uncontested, to mentally ill persons to hunt down those not liked.

Look at how GOP applauded degenerate Kyle Rittenhouse – for taking a gun, that he didn’t own, then going out, with support from his mother, to kill persons that Rittenhouse didn’t like. Rittenhouse lynched publicly. So did George Zimmerman.

After children have been shot to death in classroom after classroom, the “hero” became Alex Jones in GOP world. GOP remained silent while AR-15s were lied into the state of Connecticut as a “sporting” (fun) commodity to own. Meanwhile, Nancy Lanza harbored sick intentions towards others out of fear learned through others.

There are no GOP-hosted events for ANY victims of school shootings OR mass shootings. But, we have seen many events hosted for January 6, 2021 insurrectionists, bad-grades-Trump, Alex Jones, Kyle Rittenhouse, George Zimmerman, and even Jack Dorsey, post-Charlottesville, Virginia’s “Unite The Right” domestic terrorism.

While Twitter may have been created and promoted to give white nationalists a mainstream platform, the world is progressing around them. Parents do not want their children to experience the same harmful and regressive actions which almost ended the parents’ own existence. Parents want their children to be free to exist as they are, and without harm. And that transcends race. Parents don’t care as much about ignorant words, as they care about the safety of their child and the ability of their child to learn without restrictions.

Children also do not know hate. Hate is only displayed from a child when it is taught in a minority of households around the world. Jim Crow benefactors and white supremacists are getting outnumbered daily by persons who will not be going back in time to placate white supremacy, and white male patriarchy.

So, Dorsey, Musk and other Jim Crow benefactors and white supremacists, keep wasting millions to promote white nationalism, directly and indirectly, while world moves around you… for good.

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# Yes, Twitter IS the first white nationalist service, and Elon Musk was drawn to Twitter because of his fellow tiny penis white nationalists.
But karma is a bitch named DOJ! And it's coming soon!

Check out this white trash, whose family migrated to US during Jim Crow, for Jim Crow. Beyonce isn't worried about him, he's worried about Beyonce because she uplifts many, who don't think about him. He wishes he had Beyonce's money or that his penis is wanted. 😂
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# We need to protect Jemele Hill!
White supremacists, encouraged by Space Karen aka Lex Luthor aka Elon Musk, are attacking her 24/7. They're upset with Jemele because she's not interested in them, nor their misguided racist rhetoric.

See any tweet of Jemele's and see the response. The twisted part: Jemele is paying the apartheid child, for a blue check mark, to be harassed
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