Congress, the lawmakers who should be working for us, NOT against us.


Dear GOP,

How many jobs have returned from overseas since Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and corrupt Donald Trump's #TaxCutsAndJobsAct?

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Never forget these seditionists, treasonists and domestic terrorists who are trying to steal a nation

By Our WHIRL Blog | 5 June 2021 | 0 Comments
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When voting in your next election for your next US Congressional or Senate member, remember these names, who stand with all that has fought against our nation.


The Federalist dodges questions about its own race relations education

By Tamra Cronin | 6 December 2020 | 9 Comments
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The Federalist, the white supremacist and misguided filth that Nicole Malliotakis promotes and supports.


SPLC: George Floyd, Tony McDade, Sean Reed and Breonna Taylor

By Our WHIRL Blog | 2 June 2020 | 0 Comments
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White nationalists have infiltrated our law enforcement, more now than ever before. Their impact is being seen in communities across our nation.


Defend U.S. Representative and National Guard member Max Rose, who keeps us safe.

By ILoveMyTroops Too | 5 April 2020 | 0 Comments
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Afghanistan veteran and freshman congressman Max Rose (D-NY) deployed with the National Guard to assist some of the hard-hit cities with their coronavirus response efforts in his state.


Meet and support Marie Newman

By Our WHIRL Blog | 12 March 2020 | 0 Comments
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Meet and support Democrat Marie Newman, who’s running against Dan Lipinski, who consistently votes with GOP against women’s rights. #Election2020 Illinois-Third District


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