What Hillary Clinton said… and she’s right!

The woman, who should have been our POTUS 45, said this. Yes, ma’am, she did! And, this is why GOP fears Hillary Clinton, and her intelligence!

And spare us with, “religion has left schools, that’s why there are more shootings,” because there was zero GOP outrage after an Amish school shooting, where religion is the focus 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.




America, we have a savage gun problem, or we’re officially a nation of savages.

Savages in legislation, who call themselves “pro-life”, but do nothing after born children are slaughtered to death in classrooms. Savages in church leadership, who encourage buying more guns after mass shootings. Savages in education, who encourage the presence of more guns after mass shootings. Savages in homes, who say, “not my stockpile of guns” (will you take) after mass shootings.

No life is safe anywhere as the problem increases yearly. Not every person needs a gun. Not every person should be allowed access to guns. Gun technology can be bettered, bettered to track where they are at all times and with fingerprinting and facial recognition tech as well. Bullets can be manufactured for better tracing, tracked right down to where purchased or transferred to, right down to latest owner.

Or here’s a better idea against those who want to make guns so easily accessible, by anyone, and fight gun control. Focus on ammunition purchases. You have the right to buy a gun (Second Amendment), but now, let’s talk ammunition. Make ammunition purchases regulated through Quantico-like sources. The restricted sources of ammo should require identification, that is digitally checked with all law enforcement databases, AND the lawfully purchased gun must be present at the location of purchase, to prevent someone from stockpiling ammo as a guns or weapons trafficker, OR domestic terrorist. If gun used in a crime, originates from a regulated source, shut that source down, shut down their livelihood, source of income.

But GOP has no time for this, they’re busy regulating bigotry and how to create more bigots!

Latest school shootings:

Richfield, Minnesota school shooting (Feb 2022): https://abcnews.go.com/US/student-dead-critically-injured-shooting-minnesota-school/story?id=82604908

Bridgewater College (Virginia) shooting, which claimed the lives of officers John Painter and J.J. Jefferson (Feb 2022): https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/active-shooter-situation-prompts-shelter-place-order-virginia-college-rcna14440 / https://www.dnronline.com/news/breaking_news/two-officers-killed-man-taken-into-custody-near-bridgewater-college/article_99e73e37-a4bc-5c1d-a968-e8ee6103ff37.html

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