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To register, just enter the required fields “*”, then confirm your e-mail to complete registration! Nothing else is required. Unlike those other companies, this is actually a SOCIAL MEDIA site, therefore, your address, parents’ name, children’s names, schools, 2-forms of ID, telephone numbers, driver’s license, business records, employment records, vials of blood, etc., etc., are NOT required.

Do you normally walk into a social event and divulge your private details, details that are then shared with Russia or Cambridge Analytica? Yea, we’re not beating around the bush with that one. 🙄

All that’s needed: a user account to share the content that you want you want to share, or see members’ only content from others.

If qualified, to request a verified account, e-mail us at getverified at ourwhirl.com. To obtain a verified account, our system is quite simple. We’ll provide you with a temp piece of information — 🤔 sayyyy… finally one of those messages that will literally self-destruct after use… but I digress —  that only you will know. All you have to do: send that passphrase back via several easy, non-intrusive methods that are entirely up to you. No business or personal documents are required to be sent to us or kept on file… which are then sent to Russia or Cambridge Analytica. Yea, we’re still not beating around the bush with that one. 🙄

Enjoy the site, and make it yours, make it your content that you want to share with others for their benefit, or even yours… what social media should be!

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