The Federalist dodges questions about its own race relations education

Nicole Malliotakis proudly shows her support of Ben Domenech’s white supremacy-based The Federalist

Above is a post from Nicole Malliotakis, promoting propaganda from The Federalist. Malliotakis adores The Federalist, because their white supremacist views are right up her hatriot alley. By the way, watch the whiteness that follows Nicole Malliotakis to Washington, D.C. Malliotakis will use her “Cuban” heritage when convenient, but she’s from the “don’t associate with black people” side of raised in America.

Like Nicole Malliotakis, The Federalist’s staffers pretend to have inside information on politics and race. However, none of The Federalist’s staffers will answer questions directly about their “qualifications as race experts”, nor seek truth directly from political persons they’re targeting for their profit. The Federalist is simply riling up white supremacists and misguided Jim Crow Benefactors. Same as Nicole Malliotakis.

The Federalist’s staffers sure talk a lot about race and black persons deemed “too uppity” for their staffers. The Federalist’s staffers think black people should shut up, stop complaining, and do “as told”, because The Federalist’s staffers’ “getting” is good for them, and “they don’t want any problems”.

Well… before we listed The Federalist, we decided to find out the race relations credentials of The Federalist’s staffers. Here’s what we asked, and their answers follows.

November 28, 2020 at 2:43:23 PM EST


Subject: Staff bio information requested

After reading an article by Ben Weingarten, rather than assume, we choose ask the source(s) directly

Is your organization cooperative enough to provide us the following information (below) about your staff writers, or does your organization believe that the following questions aren’t relevant, especially when your primary writers address African-American studies, history and leadership, or specific Black Americans that your staffers prefer to “praise”.

1. How many Federalist staffers are Jim Crow-era migrant descendants — their families migrated to US during Jim Crow (whites only)? And if a Jim Crow-era migrant descendant, how many are descendants of family members who protested on behalf of civil, equal, and voting rights for African-Americans, or were credibly educated by their Jim Crow-era migrant ancestors about African-American history

While Meghan McCain isn’t a staffer, she’s the wife of accused plagiarist Ben Domenech, and is a direct descendant of William David McCain, a prolific bigot and klansman, who stood with Ross Barnett, Sr., who stood against integration and incited Ole Miss riot against James Meredith. Barnett also praised WWII Veteran Medgar Evers’ killer, klansman Byron De La Beckwith. And Ms. McCain and Domenech often side with, and speak on behalf of, those who hold the same views as William David McCain, Ross Barnett, Sr. and Paul Burney Johnson, Jr.

For example, Domenech referred to Mrs. Coretta Scott King as a “communist”, which are the exact same words as klansmen William David McCain, Ross Barnett, Sr., and Paul Burney Johnson, Jr. (pictured). Did Domenech actually have a direct conversation with Mrs. King, get to know her directly, to learn about her history and upbringing, or did Domenech feel that wasn’t important before making that public statement about her?

Family member of The Federalist’s Ben Domenech, William David McCain

2. How many staffers actually studied credible African-American history, including by traveling to areas and speaking directly with descendants of Jim Crow era atrocities, slavery, or pre-slavery Black Americans to learn the history of my country before slavery (which is actually my family’s history – pre-slavery Black American)? This question is directly related to “Federalist” staff writers’ credibility regarding African-American “statements”. Again, did Ben Domenech actually have a direct conversation with Mrs. King, get to know her directly to learn about her history and upbringing, prior to labeling her as a “communist”? I’d think working for the Bush administration would have allowed Domenech an opportunity to meet with a prominent Civil Rights leader and prominent Alpha Kappa Alpha member such as Mrs. Coretta Scott King, but I guess Domenech had other things on his mind, which is shown via “Federalist” articles.

Direct source examples: 

Klansman David Duke. I grew up in New Orleans around his direct family members and friends, including while passing a giant kkk building in Metairie, and I attended K-12 NOLA schools with actual sons and daughters of klansmen, who are GOP members now, and supporters and defenders of David Duke and others like Duke in Louisiana and nationally. Therefore, I write about what I know of directly — from speaking directly with and/or knowing the sources directly. I also write about Mike “religious right to hate” Pence’s voting record, as I’ve directly seen his voting record, when Pence was a member of Congress, and I wrote to his congressional office about his offensive bills co-authored with Steve King (Iowa) and Michele Bachmann. It’s “strange” that Pence’s voting record pays homage to Indiana kkk grand dragon, DC Stephenson, and that very few noticed Pence’s level of extremism in Congress, which is now sealed, along with his equally extremist emails. It’s also strange that many, in today’s Strom Thurmond-shaped GOP, do not know that Indiana is home of the first official kkk chapter, while consistently referencing Indiana as a “christian” or “family values” state, all while assuming Ronald Regan is the father and shaper of today’s GOP.

Therefore, again, what is your level of African-American history knowledge, prior to speaking about African-American history, or even GOP?

3. And regarding “your institutions”, which ones do “Federalist” staffers believe they solely own, or are responsible for the existence of, given my family members and various Black AMERICANS owned businesses, coveted schools, media and medical services before slavery, helped fight against actual tyranny during slavery (including WHITE and BLACK family members, whose lands and businesses were targeted and/or destroyed for refusing to embrace slavery/confederates), and fought in every war, including wars to keep their own Native American and black-owned land, and during WWII while being denied civil, voting and equal rights at home ( Therefore, which institutions are persons, such as Weingarten, attempting to “preserve” for his children, and/or murderer George Zimmerman and any children of murderer Zimmerman, who holds the exact same beliefs as “Federalist” staffers?

4. How many federalist staffers have visited Harriet Tubman’s home in Auburn, NY, which is a few blocks from GOP founder William Seward’s home, or even know/knew his full history (before this email was received and without use of a search engine)?

Before we list your organization, we need clarification of staffers “experiences”.
Thank you.

The Federalist’s answers:

No Comment.

There you have it folks… The Federalist is just riling up their base with Jim Crow Benefactor “feelings”. They’ve got things they want to get off their chest, because folks, they’ve been struggling staying silent for so long. You see, when The Federalist staffers were growing up, non-white persons had limited roles, and voices, in their world. Now that non-white persons, especially black people, are talking and writing publicly… and well, and being heard and acknowledged, it’s a problem for The Federalist’s staffers, because facts are contradicting the rhetoric they’re promoting daily. The Federalist’s staffers don’t want to draw attention to the fact that they’re where they’re are solely because of their parents, and lack very few other skills. Look no further than Ben Weingarten’s latest “oooooh I’m so mad right now, I may sell off some stock” articles.

The Federalist’s staffers don’t want equality, nor attention given to qualified non-whites, LGBTQ and migrants. Because then, The Federalist staffers would actually have to compete in a real world, unlike their parents, who simply showed up and fit in with “supremacy”.

It is shocking to see politicians promoting The Federalist, a misguided and white supremacy-based, opinion piece. The Federalist, Breitbart, Info Wars, Daily Caller, Gateway Pundit, and Project Veritas should all merge into one entity, and just call themselves “Jack Dorsey”. 😐 Seriously. They all pretend to be one thing, but all have the same underlying agenda: get others to placate their Jim Crow Benefactor views; learn to embrace their misguided beliefs, as some sort of “fall back and know your place for their comfort” guidance directory; and ignore factual history of systemic racism and injustices, while pretending they’re the moral standard.

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Jim Crow benefactor Ben Domenech's The Federalist on racism. Yes, we laughed too, given the pro-Jim Crow benefactor, whites only-whites first background of Domenech and staff, and the fact that Domenech married relative of klansman/white separatist William David McCain, who rioted against James Meredith, to prevent Meredith's #education and integration of #Mississippi.

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