#ThomTillis, a klansman’s BFF

Thomas Roland Tillis represents all that has fought against our nation — confederates, kkk, misogynists and all around regressive, country-stallers.

It didn’t surprise us that Tillis used his time to chastise Democrats, AND falsely, to assist Brett Kavanaugh. Tillis spent more time praising and comforting Kavanaugh, while ignoring the issue: a child was almost trapped in a room and almost raped by a serial predator.

However, Tillis wasn’t the only rape-abetter apologizing to Kavanaugh for his inconvenience of having to answer for attempted rape of a girl… oh wait, SEVERAL GIRLS!!

GOP has truly showed us their hearts: get a lying, rapist, racist on SCOTUS by any means necessary.

Remember this on November 6, 2018! I know I personally cannot wait to vote against the Trump abetters while voting for progress and checks and balances against Trump’s 24/7 fraud and corruption!!

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