Thinking of advertising on Twitter? THINK AGAIN!

Advertisers on Twitter are simply funding Jack Dorsey’s prolific white nationalism. No one has mainstream supported and promoted white nationalism and white supremacy more than Jack Dorsey.

#BlackLivesMatter on Twitter is simply a facade, to appease board members and deceive advertisers. Jack Dorsey cares as much about “Black Lives Matter” as we care about David Duke, which is none. Jason Kessler’s “n*gg*r this and n*gg*r that, black bitch, black c*nt” tweets were reported to Jack Dorsey, long before Kessler was verified by Jack Dorsey, and long before Kessler’s violent Charlottesville rally, including the murder of Heather Heyer.

In addition to supporting and promoting extremist Ben Shapiro, Jack Dorsey proudly endorses and supports Jack Posobiec, a white supremacist, who proudly supports and promotes neo-nazis. In 2009, after a bomb threat was sent to a black woman on Twitter, Jack Dorsey proudly, and directly, defended white nationalists as “needing to be heard”, “needing a voice, a platform”. The threat and tweeter are still on Twitter. Dorsey did nothing about the tweets, while FBI took the matter seriously.

Dorsey has certainly done a lot to promote and elevate white supremacists and misguided Jim Crow Benefactors, who feel they’re not getting the respect they deserve… for their generational violent and destructive acts, while ignoring our current US Constitution and trampling over equality and civil rights with more threats of violence. Jack Dorsey uses celebrities as “cattle”, “stock”, which helps Dorsey to elevate white nationalism. Celebrities give Dorsey some sort of “credibility” as a social media platform, while a junior high school environment of daily back and forth insults dominate Twitter, and all while white nationalists advance their “agenda” via Twitter. Verified along with celebrities is Jack Posobiec, a neo-nazi collaborator, to give some sort of validation and relevance to Posobiec, as if he’s accomplished something to be revered in the same way artists are for their work.

The following tweets below, Dorsey personally saw no wrong doing with, while suspending persons who report the women of color-targeted tweets. Yes, Dorsey wants the degrading tweets to women of color to remain, including from Dorsey’s own sock account @cocaineriot6, confirmed internally as an account directly associated with Jack Dorsey.

Women of color, who are intelligent and speak truth with purpose and positive results for all (versus Jack Dorsey-preferred Candace Owens’ Jim Crow Benefactor rhetoric), are constant and daily targets on Twitter. There’s no point in reporting the degrading, demeaning, targeted harassment tweets to Twitter Support, because Twitter’s Support team, employed primarily with white supremacy supporters, won’t do anything, except respond with “we see no wrong doing“. The reason women of color are targeted daily: white supremacists believe women of color are the voters to be silenced, because our votes helped elect President Barack Obama and President Elect Joe Biden.

The following is what advertisers are funding on Twitter: billions connected to advance and promote white supremacy, while a loud mouth, white supremacist, #badgradestrump, is the center of attention (and profits for Jack Dorsey), and nothing much is getting accomplished, nor advanced, for world and our nation, except the voice of white supremacy.

More on Jack Posobiec, whom Jack Dorsey promotes as a person to follow, first and foremost:

Jack Dorsey and Jack Posobiec
Jack Dorsey and Jack Posobiec

Jack Dorsey also helps promote another king of fake stories and accused rapist, James O’Keefe. Our founder actually recorded one of James O’Keefe’s fake stories being promoted on Twitter, as breaking news, to ensure O’Keefe’s story was seen by all on Twitter, in spite of having not only O’Keefe’s accounts blocked, but with option, in Twitter’s safety and security settings, to not display blocked accounts in search results.

Think we’re not telling the truth? THINK AGAIN! Our founder has Jack Dorsey-white nationalism “receipts” since 2009, which is why Jack Dorsey has aggressively worked to silence one of our founders’ voices to continue to deceive advertisers. But that voice cannot be silenced here. More will be published here as other persons open their eyes to the deception of Jack Dorsey, and need more information.

Twitter may have spruced up their website, including publishing “transparency” information, another facade. However, within Twitter, Jack Dorsey is the voice and face of white nationalism, while Dorsey harbors a violent, extremist love for white nationalism, and extreme hate of black women. Dorsey’s direct associations and defenses confirm Dorsey’s white nationalism, while Dorsey is working hard to silence persons with evidence, evidence that has already been published here, on Twitter, and to Twitter directly.

Meanwhile, we cannot think of one reason to verify, support, defend or promote white nationalism, unless one is a white nationalist.

The Mass Humiliation Of Ben Shapiro (versus Jack Dorsey’s elevation of extremist Ben Shapiro)

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