What President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris should executive order first

President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris should immediately legislate to remove and outlaw all confederate symbols and names from public and taxpayer funded buildings, roads, organizations and more.

Germany outlawed all nazi symbols and references. Hitler’s beliefs are the same as confederates. There should also be no honors for the losers of Civil War, no honor for persons who fought against our nation, and on behalf of a sick and evil cause. Let Sons of confederate Vets EXCLUSIVELY fund their relics and honors for losers on their own non-public, non-visible, private property.

It. Is. Time. It is long overdue. Taxpayer funded confederate symbols and names do more harm against our nation, than good, and are part of the fabric of white supremacy, which continually stalls our nation from its full potential.


VoteVets.org explains precisely why removing and renaming all confederate symbols should be a priority, especially for healing our nation and moving forward:

Well, much to no one’s surprise Donald Trump is threatening to veto an NDAA that includes renaming Army bases named after members of the Confederacy. And even though the election is over, Republican members of Congress are still falling in line behind him.

They would rather rush a bill that doesn’t honor and respect all Americans who have and continue to serve their country, than rename Army bases whose names currently serve as props for modern-day white supremacists to hide behind.

No Black service member should have to report to duty at Fort Bragg — a base named after a slave owner who is recognized as one of the WORST generals in the Civil War — or Fort Gordon — a base named after the slave owner of a 14-year-old girl who is believed to have been the head of the KKK in Georgia.

Demand that Congress not sell out the Black men and women who have served our country honorably to appease our racist President. Add your name to stand with fellow VoteVets members and show your support for honoring the sacrifices and contributions of American heroes by renaming Army bases named after racist Confederate traitors to our nation.

Thanks for taking a stand on this important issue and adding your name to our today. Our voices are really important in this conversation.


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The nonsense that neo-nazis and Sons of confederate Vets promote, while forgetting they’re the losers of their lost causes.
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A Confederate statue on the campus of one of Virginia’s oldest institutions is finally being removed after Black students spoke out about a campus culture that literally and figuratively worshipped the graven image of white supremacy.
8 December 2020 7:39pm

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