Meet the superiors for Candace Owens’ #blexit #walkaway #blacksfortrump #blackvoicesfortrump

Klansman Tony Perkins speaking before an extension of the kkk, council of conservative citizens — yes, in all lowercase letters for many reasons.

More on Tony Perkins:

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Not one member of #blexit #walkaway #blacksfortrump #blackvoicesfortrump will comment on #impeachedtrump’s love for Andrew Jackson. However, a superior to Candace Owens, one of the persons she desires to be around 24/7, did answer.

Hold onto your seats as I present their inferior and incorrect version of history and current events, as well as political parties!

Meet @leach_deanna (yup, that’s Candace Owens’ superior’s name), and Ron55, a white male, who answered on behalf of #blexit #walkaway #blacksfortrump #blackvoicesfortrump:



@Ron55_ (note response after not providing any info, but simply talking down to rhetoric — his version of intelligence, or his version of do as I say, don’t question it… um has he met me?? he has now 😂):

more @Ron55_ rhetoric, no facts:


😳 There were more tweets from one of #blexit’s masters, but I think the tweets above highlights the inferior intelligence that Candace Owens is attempting to “recruit” other lawn jockeys on behalf of, and for #impeachedtrump’s #blackground. “@Ron55_”‘s version of history is limited, selective, all while ignoring current history, persons he’s standing with and for. And “let’s agree to disagree” was the only response after factually throwing out klansman Tony Perkins and David Duke, both champions of “religious right to hate”.

And here’s another reminder of David Duke and #impeachedtrump.

David Duke has taken his crusade against Jews and non-Europeans to Russia, which he now sees as “the key to white survival.”

Why one of #blexit #walkaway #blacksfortrump #blackvoicesfortrump’s masters/superiors, David Duke, voted for #impeachedtrump

David Duke: Charlottesville protests about ‘fulfilling promises of #impeachedtrump’

David Duke to Pay $5K to Man Hurt During 2017 Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally

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@peepso_user_7(Tamra Cronin)

I’ve had Black Republicans blocked, incl this one:, b/c when I approached many of them about racists/kkk in GOP, EACH dismissed living, breathing, walking klan, including Rand Paul, while promoting “walk away.” Now, they’re in the back of Con DeSantis’ bus AND cannot get OFF the bus!

*Who was smarter?*
Low-life confederates/Strom Thurmond created exploitation/rape/HATE for THEIR profit.

Black Americans: cotton gin (mass automation), shoes, stop light, open heart surgery for confederates swine eating azzes, edu, music & governing (Tulsa, 5 Points NYC), etc. etc. etc. a/k/a denied history!
> This Tweet is from an account you blocked.

Black Republicans have remained silent for so long, it’s too late for them to speak up. Their silence became complacency for Jim Crow benefactors who never cared about black history in the first place. #JCB’s migrated here DURING Jim Crow, w/ belief whites only was permanent.

#education #blackhistory #criticalracetheory #JimCrowbenefactors #crime #racism #J6 #Election2024
Most saw it as an unforced error at a time when Black Republicans feel they're making strides within the party.
29 July 2023 1:48am
@peepso_user_7(Tamra Cronin)
Black Republicans: *#WalkAway from the Democrats, "the party of slavery,” be your own thinker.*

Con DeSantis: slavery was good for “the blacks.”

Black Republicans: *wait, what, huh? That’s not true.*

DeSantis: SHUT UP & sit in back of my bus, or SHUT UP - be seen, not heard.
29 July 2023 1:49am
@peepso_user_7(Tamra Cronin)
Candace Owens sounds like a serial killer, or wife of a serial killer. Keep thinking she couldn't be dumb enough to say this given internalized racist married into British Royalty, run by many women. But she's teaching that emotion, empathy, compassion are weakness. Owens wants the same leadership as Hitler, Mussolini, Putin, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the like. Perhaps Owens should move to the country which reflects her cold, dark, ignorant, complacent heart.
1 August 2023 5:03pm

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