Overturning Roe V. Wade and The Democrats Messaging Fail

The Democrats are going about protesting overturning Roe V. Wade the wrong way.

It’s also an election year. Capitalize on gaining more female voters, from the GOP side, who are not interested in becoming a “handmaid” for rapists. Remind GOP women that slaves were forced to carry their rapists’ baby to term, including a slave their own husbands and sons raped. GOP women will now be in the same category as slaves: forced breeders, with zero rights.

Conservatives only listen to race, while pretending to be “religious”. All the Democrats need to do is create an ad that says,

The black man who rapes your white daughter, will now have parental rights, under GOP’s states rights abortion laws. And, there will be more interracial babies, making whites the minority.

That will send fear into the hearts of hatriots, especially bad-grades-Trump, as preserving the white race and “whites only” is what conservatives/confederates have been legislating on behalf of, since 1699, and since 1865 with and through kkk/confederate legislators. See any current voter suppression bill of GOP, if you think we’re wrong!

We all know that wealthy GOP members fund abortions All. The. Time. Wealthy GOP members fly to other countries, or private facilities inside and outside of the US, which are operated by doctors who wine and dine with GOP legislators and lawmakers. If a GOP member’s daughter has consensual sex with a non-white person, who’s beyond a shade of white, abortion is the immediate choice, and abortion on demand and without apology, even if the wealthy GOP member’s child wants to keep the biracial child.

Meanwhile, poverty is still the number one child killer, before, during and after birth, confirming that GOP is not pro-life, but pro-fetus lobbyists’ 💰 money. 🤔 And what happens to pro-life lobbyists, and their money, if Roe V. Wade is overturned? Will pro-life lobbyists then use their money to combat poverty? NOPE! Will pro-life lobbyists no longer be necessary? How will pro-life lobbyists live lavishly and pay for their mistresses, for which abortions are funded, if there is no longer a need to donate to a pro-life lobbyist or legislator, if Roe V. Wade is overturned?

Hey, Pennsylvania GOP’s Tim Murphy! 👋🏻 How’s it going? How’s your mistress? https://www.msnbc.com/all-in/watch/pro-life-rep-resigns-after-asking-mistress-to-have-abortion-1063901251514

The Democrats can also advertise and set up monthly trips to Israel, a “sacred GOP haven,” where abortion on demand and without apology is not only legal, but funded with US tax dollars. Knock out two-birds with one stone: excessive funding overseas (while our infrastructure crumbles) and GOP’s abortion hypocrisy.

The only way that confederates/conservatives learn: by paying for their anti-civil rights actions and legislation.

The Democrats, Planned Parenthood, and the “forced breeder,” in each of the impoverished GOP states where abortion is outlawed, should also sue the state for each forced birth, especially, in the case of rape. Each GOP state governor, pro-life lobbyist group, and legislator responsible for the state’s anti-abortion law, should be sued for medical expenses/healthcare and the cost to raise a child, for each forced birth. The lawsuit, or legislation, should be called “$200K Default Heartbeat Law Fund.” $200K will cover forced-birth prenatal costs, long-term (physical/mental) health problems, childbirth expenses, K-12 schooling (including books, quality teachers, transportation, infrastructure, clean air, clean water), and the college of the child’s choice, so that the child doesn’t become what GOP legislates against 24 hours-a-day/7-days a week – a “burden on (their) society.” An educated society leads to innovation, including to combat climate change, environmental neglect and healthcare problems, all of which lead to deaths before, during and after birth. 🙄

As part of the legislation and/or lawsuit, children in foster care must also be provided for, as lavishly as pro-life lobbyists live, in any state, especially an impoverished GOP state. 💯

Pro-life Rep and grifter Tim Murphy resigns after asking his mistress to get an abortion. And Murphy did NOT return pro-life lobbyists’ funds either!
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# Just one problem: the abortion laws are still on the record in extremist led states.
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In a new ad running in Minnesota, Scott Jensen, the Republican nominee for governor, says abortion is a "protected constitutional right" in the state, and he's "not running" to change that. Jensen's ad makes sense politically. A June poll found that
13 September 2022 6:59pm
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# Herschel Walker needs to have a 🪑 next to former GOP Pennsylvania representative Tim Murphy, after paying for abortion(s), then lying about it.
And hats off to Christian Walker for speaking truth to Herschel's lies.
> “I stayed silent as the atrocities committed against my mom were downplayed. I stayed silent when it came out that my father, Herschel Walker, had all these random kids across the country, none of whom he raised,” Christian Walker said in that video, first referencing an incident where his mom, Herschel Walker’s ex-wife, described the Republican Senate hopeful holding a gun to her head and threatening to “blow my brains out.”

#herstory #RoeVWade #familyvalueslies #hypocrisy #Georgia #Election2022 #VoteWarnock

https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2022/10/herschel-walker-abortion-georgia-senate-race / https://apple.news/ARnonjF5cSty1d5NW2Em7lw

The staunchly antiabortion candidate is said to have sent the check reimbursing the woman in the card, which is really the icing on the cake.
4 October 2022 10:50pm
@peepso_user_38(OurWHIRL Staff)
It is appalling that someone like Rev. Raphael Warnock has to campaign against dishonest, unethical and completely ignorant Herschel Walker. Jim Crow benefactors adore Walker as the COTD! Walker is stupid enough to say whatever Jim Crow benefactors want him to say.

#Election2022 #Georgia

4 October 2022 10:59pm
@peepso_user_38(OurWHIRL Staff)
# DISH THE 🧾 🧾 (receipts), Christian Walker, spill the tea!
> “Family values people: He has four kids, four different women. Wasn’t in the house raising one of them. He was out having sex with other women,” Christian Walker said. “Do you care about family values?”

#Election2022 #Georgia #VoteWarnock
4 October 2022 11:08pm

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