Trump fans/#MAGA vs. actual “free thinkers”

Trump fans don’t want actual “free thinkers”. Trump fans simply want the voting majority to fall in line behind their non-fact based rhetoric and ideology.

These posts demonstrates Trump fans’ version of “free thinking”: telling others to follow along with the beliefs of others, then calling them anti-American for not obeying:


Persons who seek and report facts are considered non-free thinkers by Trump fans. Fact seekers and persons who base their voting, statements and admiration based upon facts obtained or real-live situations lived through, while seeking facts along the way, are called “programmed” by Trump fans.

Fact seekers are often attacked by Trump, which sets an example for his fans, who do the same, and ironically while praising “free thinkers”:

Jeff Bezos threatened, attacked, blackmailed

Biased, internalized racists and truth-challenged persons who praise and support Trump are called “free thinkers”. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Stacey Dash, “Cubic Zirconia and Sackcloth”, oooooops, we mean “Diamond and Silk”, Joy Villa, Candace “I’m okay with Hitler” Owens, prostitute and hustler Katrina Pierson are examples of persons MAGA calls “free thinkers”.

Meanwhile, actual persons who have fact-checked the following AND/OR were victims of one these Trump frauds, attacks and harmful acts, are called “programmed persons”, ignorant:

Trump housing discrimination against “the blacks”


Trump Tower child sex trafficking — fake business names are in included in both Donald and Melayinya Trump’s tax returns

Trump proudly bragging about pussy grabbin’, and the women who have filed complaints. Trump’s inner-circle pals who have assaulted and/or raped, or ignored and excused rape, including in military.

Rob Porter and John Kelly who was active in military when military sexual assault was at an all-time high. Oh and Bad Grades Jared.


Trump’s many tax scams. Tax scams which cost entire cities and counties and even countries!!


Trump, Russia and white nationalists (2001)

Trump University (scam)

Trump steaks (scam)

Trump bankrupt casinos

Trump’s adoration of morally bankrupt Andrew “Trail of Tears” Jackson

Trump charities (scams)

Trump’s Emoluments Clause violations

Background check failures of countless Trump cabinet members because of fraud and deception in their own background

Trump’s pride in locking children in cages, while falsifying their placement documentation

Trump’s pro-kkk father and racist ex-wife, Ivana

Trump’s fake border wall claims, while actual horrific US-based crimes and factual border patrol reports contradict Trump’s white nationalist created crisis on behalf of a Putin-steel wall

  1. TWO MEN plotted to groom and rape a 3-year-old girl:
  2. only six immigrants connected to terrorism stopped by southern border patrol:
  3. white nationalists found with firearms, rocket launcher and pipe bombs:
  5. body found in Staten Island wooded area: — “close-knit, others not allowed”, pro-Trump neighborhood
  6. 4 men arrested after FLYING INTO ATLANTA AIPORT with 224 pounds of marijuana:
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